Which are Nigeria’s Top Software Startups Reshaping Technology Landscape in 2023?

Welcome to Startup Bubble, a place where you find explosive information on the emerging startup companies in software development industry. In this article, we lead you through the journey into discovering some of the intriguing software startups in Nigeria, as we present their profiles, products and services, and their contributions to the IT industry at large.

Throughout Africa, Nigeria is known for its industrious nature, and this industriousness can be seen prominently within its bourgeoning tech ecosystem. In particular, it’s software startup scene is flourishing. From edtech to fintech, healthtech to social media, Nigerian software startups are solving problems and meeting needs for people not only within the country, but around the globe. Below, we shine a spotlight on 15 Nigerian software startups that are making waves in the industry.

These companies with their innovative solutions and products have shown that the Nigerian tech ecosystem has matured to an extent. They have defied the odds and thrived amidst the challenges and it is worth sharing their stories to inspire upcoming startups and entrepreneurs in the country and Africa at large.

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uLesson is a mobile-based learning platform that combines academics, media, and technology to deliver curriculum content for students mainly via SD cards and streaming. Operating from Nigeria, uLesson seeks to make quality education accessible on a wider scale.


Xend is an all-in-one merchant solution from Africa. It integrates inventory management, payment systems, and business intelligence. This innovative startup offers a one-stop service for businesses to handle their operations effectively and efficiently.


CoFundie is a fundraising platform that facilitates investment into real estate. By leveraging a crowdsourcing model, CoFundie allows people to contribute to construction projects, thereby making the process more cost-effective and efficient.

Cash-in App

Cash-in App is an automated crypto-to-naira (Nigeria’s currency) app designed to help businesses and individuals simplify their cryptocurrency transactions and convert digital assets into local currency.


Evolutics is an insurance tech startup that provides software solutions to insurance companies. Their innovative approach offers solutions for life, general, and health insurance providers, simplifying operations within the insurance sector.


MyLikita provides an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software for healthcare providers. It is designed to help manage medical facilities and store, access, and secure patients’ medical information, thereby improving healthcare delivery in the country.


Blueloop is a software technology company that develops innovative solutions tailored to various industries. They are committed to delivering solutions that drive business growth and success.


Ear1 is a social media application that connects users to influencers. The app seeks to bridge the gap between fans and their icons for a better networking experience.


SMAFLEET provides a comprehensive management solution for various businesses. The software solution helps businesses to streamline their operations, leading to increased productivity and profitability.

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NordPass is a new generation password manager. It is designed with cutting-edge technology to help users manage their passwords in a secure, efficient, and simple way.


Kategorized is a software startup that provides businesses with SaaS solutions in the areas of Mobile App development, Online Directories, Payment Platforms, and E-commerce.


Swiftally offers solutions in the area of election and voting management. They provide reliable and secure data storage for election management, resulting in transparent and accountable electoral processes.


ShapShap is a delivery management software that makes the processes of deliveries more efficient, sustainable, and scalable. The software is infused with features that ensure delivery operations are smooth and efficient.

Devsyners Africa

Devsyners Africa is a software learning ecosystem that empowers individuals with software design and development skills. They are committed to promoting education and creating a pool of competent software professionals in Africa.

Medipal Healthcare

Medipal Healthcare is a health technology company that offers cloud-based medical office software. This solution allows medical professionals to scale and manage their operations more efficiently.

In conclusion, Nigerian software startups are certainly forces to reckon with. From gaming to education, healthcare and much more, these startups are delivering cutting-edge software solutions from the heartland of Africa to the world.

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