Which Are the Most Influential UK Blockchain Startups in 2023?

The blockchain industry in the United Kingdom has made significant strides, with a multitude of startups paving the way for ground-breaking implementations of technology. Through this article, we look into 15 UK-based blockchain startups that have made considerable changes in sectors such as finance, gaming, real estate, and others.

The UK has always been a hub for technology and innovation. With blockchain technology continuously growing in popularity, more and more companies are reinventing everyday industries with its application. The advancements such companies have made doesn’t only shape the UK’s economy but also the world’s view on blockchain technology.

Here, we discuss each of these 15 blockchain startups, their goals, and their contributions to the blockchain ecosystem.


Alluo strengthens the financial system by bringing Defi yields to neo-bank users via their non-custodial mobile wallet, backed by a liquidity direction protocol and DAO. Based in the UK, Alluo is leading the wave of blockchain innovations, revolutionising the financial sector.

Zeta Markets

Zeta Markets empowers the financial market by building a decentralized finance (DeFi) futures and options exchange on Solana. Zeta Markets expertise lies in blockchain, helping them provide unique and groundbreaking solutions.

Seso Global

Seso Global has found a niche in the African real estate market. They utilize blockchain technology to create a platform for secure real estate management and transactions across the continent.

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Just Wont Die

In the gaming industry, Just Wont Die has carved a name for itself as a reputable game developer and publisher. They adopt blockchain and use it to revolutionize the gaming industry.

Nym Technologies

Specialising in privacy solutions, Nym Technologies leverages AI and ML to build the next generation of privacy infrastructure.


Akselos believes in the power of the people. With their blockchain technology, they provide democratic tools and platforms to empower citizens all around the world.

Cadalab Protocol

Cadalab Protocol forefronts the NFT market by being the first community-driven NFT platform. They specialize in building an NFT Minting dApp on the Cardano Network, escalating the popularity of digital artwork.


Falexa identifies and categorizes issues in the Web3 ecosystem, further creating a safe platform for people to participate.

Nuella TV

Nuella TV brings Africas closer with their mobile-first video streaming platform, designed to entertain 1.2 billion Africans.

Flourishing Humanity Corporation

Flourishing Humanity Corporation uses blockchain technology to build solutions based on nuanced thinking and holistic action, all in favor of humanity.


Trigan introduces better living standards through blockchain technology. They ensure people have access to tech that enhances their lives in a fair and just manner.


Through Gretol’s research project, they connect industries and individuals across EMEA, creating a network of distributed ledger solutions.

Signai OpenPensions & Signai OpenIncome

Signai OpenPensions & Signai OpenIncome provides income security with the help of blockchain technology. They help people achieve financial stability and create a better future.


MetaWin is a Web3 technology company that is steadily evolving and contributing to the growth of blockchain technology in the UK.

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Entangle develops a cross-chain DeFi protocol with synthetics for liquidity provision and yield access, leveraging blockchain to enhance the way finance is conducted.

These companies showcase the dynamic application of blockchain technology in various sectors, revolutionizing traditional systems. The UK’s blockchain niche is growing rapidly, consistently producing innovative startups that contribute to this technological revolution.

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