Which Belgian E-Commerce Startups Are Shaping The Industry in 2023?

Belgium, a country known for its rich history, diverse cultures, and exquisite dining options, is not only a tourist’s paradise but also a thriving hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. Within the tech ecosystem, the E-Commerce industry has gained prominence, thanks to the creative vision of the startups. Here, we bring you an interesting lineup of 15 promising Belgian E-Commerce startups that incorporate innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric services in their operational models. Read on to uncover the unique identities of these ventures, how they are impacting the market and adding to the vibrant tech landscape of Belgium.

Transforming diverse sectors such as food, fashion, home furnishing, and tech, these startups demonstrate the versatile applications of E-Commerce. Furthermore, they evidently emphasise on the importance of digitization in today’s world, and how it has shaped the way we shop, eat and live. Belgium’s E-Commerce industry has thus, witnessed the rise of numerous game-changers who are making significant contributions to this digital revolution.

For those unaware, E-Commerce companies essentially operate on online platforms where buyers and sellers can conduct transactions. The appeal of E-Commerce stems from the convenience and ease with which consumers can shop from the comfort of their homes. But, more than that, E-Commerce connects people across the world, bridging the gap in supply and demand in a sustainable and efficient manner. Let us delve into the profiles of these 15 remarkable Belgian startups!

My American Shop

My American Shop brings world flavours to the European community in a sustainable manner. The company’s rapid growth underpins its popularity among consumers who crave diverse culinary experiences.

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Lokkal aims to make fresh and locally sourced seasonal products more accessible to consumers. Their initiative supports local businesses and promotes sustainable consumer behaviour.


Zinkh is a D2C E-commerce venture that focuses on the oral health and wellbeing industry. The company offers reliable and quality products that promote health consciousness among customers.


Merchery provides promotional products for brands for increased visibility and customer engagement. The company effectively utilizes the E-commerce platform to boost brand reputation.


Enky is an innovative furniture subscription service, offering a more flexible & sustainable way for customers to furnish their spaces. The company’s unique business model encourages consumer convenience and sustainability.


Contaynor is a drink delivery service that caters to all your beverage needs. Their efficient E-commerce platform ensures prompt and reliable service.

MKC Moto

MKC Moto is a motorsport accessory store offering a range of motoring clothing, helmets and boots. The store ensures easy accessibility to motor enthusiasts via their E-commerce platform.


Marcando specializes in helping SME’s set up ERP integrated B2B/B2C E-commerce setups without burdening administrative work.

Dear Digital

Dear Digital is an e-commerce agency providing comprehensive digital solutions to businesses. The agency harnesses the potential of the E-Commerce platform to foster business growth.


Pixcale is a digital design agency that augments online presence and visibility for brands and businesses. The agency’s expertise in E-commerce design ensures effective customer engagement.


Hondensport-Artikelen is a webshop specializing in dog food and accessories. The online store is a one-stop solution for all pet essentials.


Cawybox offers premium printed arts and pictures to enhance interior atmosphere through its online store. The company supports creative home décor solutions on its E-Commerce platform.

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Beer Crush

Beer Crush owner Florian launched Beercrush.be in October 2020 after successfully running the Brusselsbeerbox.com E-commerce for three years. He continues his beer passion on the new platform.

Polaris Digital Commerce

Polaris Digital Commerce is an IT company that aids businesses to commercialize digitally. Their E-commerce expertise accelerates digital transformation for businesses.


Foodvibes is a healthy/comfort food concept from Belgium, which offers restaurant, take-away, and delivery services. Their E-commerce platform ensures a seamless and convenient food-ordering experience for customers.

Belgium’s E-commerce industry is a thriving space teeming with startups and companies that are incorporating innovative strategies and solutions to enhance their consumer experiences and offerings. As the industry continues to evolve, these ventures are likely to continue reshaping the business landscape and setting new standards for the E-commerce sector worldwide.

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