Which Belgian Web Development Startups are Influencing the 2023 Tech Scene?

With an unbridled prestige for producing top-notch innovations, Belgium continues to become a hotbed for various web development startups. Each unique in their approach, these startups do more than just creating dynamic websites. They streamline processes, offer strategic digital marketing solutions, and provide crucial web services for businesses of all sizes. Read on as StartupBubble.news introduces you to fifteen of the most interesting web development start-ups in Belgium.

From providing fast, efficient, and reliable web development services to businesses in the dental industry to offering innovative solutions to improve digitized operations, the scope of these Belgian web development start-ups is truly impressive. Their creativity, innovation, and dedication to their respective crafts are very noteworthy.

Plunge into the rich world of Belgian web development with us, as we dive deep into the biographies of these companies, and see how they are making waves in the local and international tech communities. The company descriptions provide insightful details into what they do and how they are changing the face of web development in Belgium.


Mawzi, aims to transform operations in the dental industry using web technology. Through their web development prowess, they devise ways to streamline workflows within this essential sector, thereby improving overall service delivery.

BIDM srl

BIDM srl believes that innovation and creativity can arise from failure and vulnerability. With this perspective, they continuously push the boundaries of digital solutions, proving that uncontested boundaries in creativity stimulate innovation.

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Belgian SaaS startup, WebFaster, offers a quick prototyping coding framework that transforms ideas into software at unprecedented speeds. They have successfully carved a niche in the rapid idea-to-product journey.

Artimon Digital

Artimon Digital blends web development, SEO, digital marketing, and consultation services to deliver one-stop solutions for businesses operating in the digital sphere. Their expert services ensure businesses achieve broad visibility online.


Webdesignvoorzelfstandigen focuses on providing comprehensive online solutions for self-employed professionals and SMEs. Website design, e-commerce, and more, they ensure that all digital needs are met for businesses of all sizes.


Nelty is a digital communication agency that offers an extensive range of services including web design, development, SEO, email marketing, and advertisements. Nelty strives to find innovative digital communication strategies for businesses.


Graality addresses the need for a straightforward and effective tool for green space management. Using web development, they provide innovative solutions that effortlessly manage green spaces.


MayflyApp is a mobile-first digital studio that focuses on creating Progressive Web Apps. They prioritize mobile users in their design and development process, making their apps highly accessible and user-friendly.


Behosty excels in web design, development, and hosting. They offer an array of web development services that cater to various needs, ensuring businesses achieve an effective online presence.

Greywall Marketing

Greywall Marketing incorporates online marketing services and web development, creating comprehensive digital solutions for businesses. They implement strategic marketing plans that gets businesses seen and heard in the crowded digital marketplace.


Wisemen offers digital strategy and application development services. They help businesses harness the power of emerging technologies, creating innovative digital strategies that aid in business growth.

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Ellipsis Agency

Ellipsis Agency provides top-tier digital marketing and web development services. They help businesses build their digital presence and effectively communicate their brand message to a broad audience.


Uptron implements effective online marketing strategies along with SEO, SEA, social media, web development, e-commerce, and branding services. Their extensive digital solutions create an all-round valorous digital presence for businesses.


Codacious offers impeccable web and mobile development services. Utilizing their wide range of technical skills, they build unique and innovative solutions to meet every client’s needs.


Plantrekkers not only explores the digital space but goes beyond the norm in delivering consulting services. This startup proves that web development startups are not restricted to creation but are diverse in purpose and execution.

These startups are not just creating dynamic websites; they are redefining the digital landscape in Belgium. Their innovative services ensure that businesses, irrespective of size or industry, can effectively leverage the power of the web. From coding to consulting, Belgian web development startups are truly making a difference!

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