Which Big Data Startups are Revolutionizing China’s Tech Industry in 2023?

China’s rapidly growing tech industry is home to numerous startups that are pushing the boundaries of innovation. A significant number of these startups are anchored in the realm of big data, applying advanced analytics techniques to find insights from vast quantities of information. This article explores 15 unique and impressive big data companies that hail from China, each making a significant contribution to the local and international big data landscape.

These companies range across multiple sectors, from legal services to the pharmaceutical industry. Despite their diversity, they are bound by a common thread—the use of big data analytics to solve complex problems and generate valuable insights that drive growth and innovation. So whether it’s a robot developer leveraging big data to perfect its writing algorithm, or a digital operating system utilizing advanced analytics to optimize e-commerce processes, these diverse companies illustrate the power and potential of big data in driving innovation and efficiency.

Let’s delve deeper into these companies, shedding light on their operations, industries they serve, and how they are uniquely harnessing the power of big data to reshape their various sectors.


Dongsheng is a key player in the industrial field service sector, where it uses artificial intelligence and big data analytics to drive efficiency. This blend of intelligent technologies allows Dongsheng to render superior services that are both adaptive and predictive.

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Specializing in Graph AI life cycle solutions, Zhiluhuitu, has committed to building a solid infrastructure in the Graph+AI field. Their expertise in big data puts them in the perfect place to deliver industry-specific solutions.

Index Technology

As a data intelligence technology provider, Index Technology is at the forefront of transforming databases into meaningful insights. Although they don’t have an official website, their strong presence in the big data industry in China speaks for itself.

Zhichain Engine

Zhichain Engine brings significant value to marketing operations with their Saas service offering. By amalgamating advanced technologies like big data analytics, they enable businesses to enhance customer engagements and boost profitability.


Miaobi, a smart-writing robot developer, harnesses big data analytics and machine learning to revolutionize the world of automation. By collecting and interpreting vast amounts of data, Miaobi continues to refine its intelligent offerings.

Shentong Wanma

Shentong Wanma makes its impact in China as a big data artificial intelligence company. They use big data to generate insights across various domains, driving efficiency across sectors.

Maize Yufeng

Honing in on the agricultural sector, Maize Yufeng utilises big data analytics to enhance corn breeding. They are revolutionizing farming with data-based and molecular design breeding systems that leverage advanced big data techniques.


U-Farmer is a revolutionary player in the retail industry, offering research and development cash register systems for community supermarkets. They employ big data analytics to enhance business operations and customer experience.


POYITONG.COM applies big data and artificial intelligence technologies to legal services. Their technology solutions aid legal practitioners in offering superior, timely, and efficient legal aid.

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Wuxu Data

Wuxu Data is shaping the pharmaceutical space by building an integrated digital transformation service platform powered by big data. Their solutions are aimed at enhancing decision-making and fostering industry growth.

Truepoint Technology

Operating a platform-based positioning data service, Truepoint Technology uses big data analytics to provide authentic data to businesses worldwide.

Shupai Cross-border

iSellerPal, a digital operating system for cross-border e-commerce, harnesses the power of big data analytics to optimize digital operations.


Greenstonesoft has created an industrial data platform, providing real-time monitoring and analysis services leveraging big data.

Shuxin Network

Shuxin Network is a big data service solution provider focusing on cloud data platforms. They are helping businesses harness the power of cloud technology combined with big data.

Boden Intelligence

BodenAI leverages big data analytics to offer high-quality data services. They are supporting businesses with a full range of process services driven by data-derived insights.

These 15 startups reflect a rich tapestry of innovation and industry disruption. As they continue to harness big data’s potential, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for these companies and the industries they serve.

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