Which Brazilian AgTech Startups Are Revolutionizing the Agricultural Industry?

As the world grows more aware of the impact of food production on the global climate, companies from all over are innovating and implementing new technologies to mitigate these effects. Brazil, hosting one of the world’s leading agriculture sectors, has seen a surge of startups that focus on this “AgTech” theme. The following is a showcase of some exciting AgTech companies based in Brazil that are revolutionizing the country’s agricultural industry.

Each of these companies offers unique solutions, from utilizing artificial intelligence in risk management to creating digital solutions for beef and dairy farmers. Despite their differences, all of these startups have a common goal: improving agriculture through technology.

Brazil’s burgeoning AgTech industry provides not only promising investment opportunities but also a chance to contribute to more sustainable and efficient agricultural practices. Here’s a look at 15 noteworthy AgTech startups that are making waves in Brazil.


Rúmina is an AgTech company that provides digital solutions for dairy and beef farmers. Working in one of the oldest and most traditional industries, Rúmina brings the much-needed digital transformation for Brazil’s dairy farming.


Frexco connects rural producers to urban kitchens. By eliminating the many middlemen usually involved in agricultural supply chains, Frexco creates a direct link between the producer and the consumer, ensuring fair prices and fresher products.

Brota Company

The Brota Company develops residential technological gardens, promoting a more sustainable relationship with food. By empowering homeowners to grow their own produce, Brota Company contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of the agricultural industry.

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Cyan Agroanalytics

Cyan Agroanalytics is a weather monitoring and forecasting platform. This company helps large agricultural companies to make faster and better decisions by providing them with accurate weather forecasts and analyses.


neoFarm utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) for remote sensing in agriculture. This company’s technology offers real-time data and insights for farmers, leading to more efficient farming practices.

Inspecto Agri

Inspecto Agri operates a global innovation platform focused on agricultural finance and monitoring services for risk management. This platform assists in making agribusiness safer and more investment-friendly.


Mastera develops new technologies by integrating scientists, companies, and farmers, smoothing the agriculture industry’s transition into a new, more tech-integrated path.

Meu Pescado

Meu Pescado specializes in aquaculture management services. This company’s services include planning, consulting, training, and financial management in the aquaculture industry.

100% Livre

100% Livre combines Brazilian expertise in agriculture with new technologies to provide quality food. This startup dreams of promoting healthier and more responsible consumption.


Quanticum specializes in understanding, mapping, and managing tropical soils. Their technology can help farmers make smart decisions that are best suited to their unique soil conditions.


Velos offers intelligence monitoring of agricultural machinery. With their technology, farmers can manage their machinery more efficiently and effectively.

AgriSafe Tecnologia

AgriSafe Tecnologia is a platform that speeds up credit analysis in agribusiness. It helps farmers and agricultural companies to secure the finances they need quickly and easily.

Hytag Digital Dynamics

Hytag Digital Dynamics produces hyper-personalized digital ads for custom AI-created audiences at an outstanding speed. By catering precisely to each user’s interests, they greatly enhance digital advertising efficiency.

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Cropland provides end-to-end agribusiness sales intelligence. This platform allows businesses to launch, monitor, and optimize their sales campaigns with ease.

Tropical Matter

Tropical Matter promotes an environmentally conscious culture by providing material alternatives made from renewable resources. Their solutions contribute to reducing the environmental impact of agriculture.

In conclusion, these Brazilian AgTech startups are at the forefront of agrarian reform. By integrating modern technology with agricultural know-how, these companies represent the exciting future of sustainable and efficient farming.

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