Which CAD Startups Are Revolutionizing US Architectural Design Landscape?

In today’s commercial landscape, Computer Aided Design (CAD) startups play a crucial role in the evolution of engineering and design solutions. These startups leverage CAD technology to offer cutting-edge solutions to various industries, paving the way for innovative production processes, product designs, and architectural models.

The United States, being a global cradle for innovative startups, hosts several noteworthy CAD companies that are shaping the future of design and tech. From advanced engine technology to motor drive systems, architecture and design to software solutions, these CAD companies are making significant strides in their respective domains.

Presented herein are 15 prolific CAD-based startups from the United States. From revolutionizing traditional design methods to crafting unique solutions in the field of CAD, these companies are redefining the business landscape.

Strange Development

Strange Development is a visionary research and development company that has pledged itself to reduce emissions through the creation of revolutionary engine technology. Offering products and solutions within the CAD industry, the company seeks to add value to the sphere of engine technology from the U.S.


Veolectra provides a panoramic range of services, including designing, engineering, and developing structural composites and motor drive systems. Veolectra’s endeavour within the CAD industry is to bring about unparalleled advancements in structural and motor drive system engineering.

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Caddlance is a CAD startup that specializes in architecture and engineering design. The company makes meticulous use of CAD technology to model, analyze and prototype design models, allowing architects and engineers to visualize their projects in more detail.

Crown Steel Fabrication

A publicizing champion of steel products, Crown Steel Fabrication is a hands-on player in CAD. Incorporating CAD technology into the production processes, they ensure higher efficiency and precision, leading to superior steel products.

Fabricated Insanity LLC

Fabricated Insanity LLC creates remarkable and disruptive technologies for a variety of applications in the CAD industry. The company is genuinely focused on “edging” technological advancements to challenge and change the status quo.


InnoDez provides structural design and engineering services for commercial and residential projects. InnoDez effectively leverages CAD technology to deliver efficient and sustainable solutions in commercial and residential design.

Speer Consulting & Design Studio

Speer Consulting & Design Studio specializes in delivering design and consulting services. The company’s mixed-use CAD technology has earned it repute for creating design solutions that enhance spaces and experience.

Silver Fir Software

Silver Fir Software focuses on radiation transport software using CAD technology. Their programs provide precise simulations and calculations, contributing to the field of radiation therapy and other connected sectors.

Global Building Technologies

Global Building Technologies provides CAD administration, interior design, IT administration, and database development services. The company uses CAD systems to precisely execute designs and create visually stunning spaces in the architectural field.

The Placemakers Guild

The Placemakers Guild provides landscape architecture and design services. Capitalizing on the power of CAD technology, Placemakers Guild curates spaces that are striking, functional, and sustainable.

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Rapid Die-Cut

Rapid Die-Cut offers CAD services for cutting foams, rubber, plastic, felt and vinyl. Utilizing the principles of CAD, the company delivers precision cuts and designs, helping manufacturers save time, waste, and money.

Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions

Delivering reliable computer-aided design services for panels and doors, Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions leverages CAD tools to simulate and predict outcomes, ensuring durability, efficiency, and safety of their machinery.

CENiC Architecture

CENiC Architecture is an architectural firm utilizing CAD technology to enhance their design process. Integrating CAD allows them to visualize, model, and bring their creative concepts to life.


Drawsiteplan provides CAD services for residential and commercial site plans. They use CAD to produce accurate, detailed site plans for architects, construction professionals, and real estate developers.

Hudson Street Solutions

Hudson Street Solutions is a distinguished PTC Onshape reseller and automation technology services provider for prototyping manufacturers. The company streamlines the prototyping process by incorporating CAD into its operation.

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