Which Canadian Electronics Startups are Transforming the Industry in 2023?

Canada’s exciting electronics startup scene has been buzzing with innovation and progress. From air purification systems to radar technologies, these ambitious companies are building the electronics of the future. This article will shine a light on some of the most interesting electronics startups and companies in Canada, showcasing their unique offerings and exploring what sets them apart.

Each of these startups has a unique story and a passionate team working tirelessly behind the scenes. Furthermore, they are testing the boundaries of what’s possible in the electronics industry, with fascinating results. These are not just companies producing generic or derivative products – they’re paving the way for new advancements, pioneering new solutions, and creating a brighter future.

Let’s take a closer look at 15 of the most interesting electronics companies in Canada, each making a significant impact in their respective sectors. From industry stalwarts to ambitious newcomers, these companies showcase the energy, creativity, and innovative spirit that makes Canada’s electronic startup scene one that deserves attention.

Origen Air

Origen Air occupies a crucial niche in the electronics sector, with a focus on clean technology, plant-based IoT-connected air purification hardware. Originating from Canada, this startup gives a new meaning to the idea of clean air.

LED Roadway Lighting

LED Roadway Lighting is a company specializing in LED lighting products. Their innovative offerings include wireless streetlight controllers, micro-sensors, and energy-efficient LED streetlights.

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InspectAR operates at the intersection of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, developing technologies that are shaping the future of those fields.

Viridis Research

Handling water problems from a systemic socio-economic viewpoint, Viridis Research provides expertise in the electronics industry to develop solutions for water treatment and recycling.


Providing quality control for the printed electronics industry, TRAQC ensures high standards and efficient production processes in this booming industry.

Quantum Lifecycle Partners

Quantum Lifecycle Partners offers a broad range of services including electronics recycling, data solutions, trade-in, and ITAD services, thus providing comprehensive handling of electronic devices through their entire lifecycle.


With designs that meet the needs of modern retailers and brands, MTL COOL manufactures self-contained refrigerated displays that are both functional and appealing.


aiRadar is a firm specializing in radar technology solutions. Their cutting-edge radar technologies service a range of industry needs.


In an era of increasing health and environmental consciousness, SMOOD is an innovative technology company dedicated to developing alternative vaping products.

Illume Labs

Illume Labs‘ technologies are aimed at assisting those who have difficulty knowing when to use the washroom, bridging the gap between healthcare and electronics.

Boardera Software

Boardera Software provides tools and technology solutions designed to support electronics designers and manufacturers in their work.


t0.technology is deeply invested in the creation of high-tech instrumentation for superconducting sensors, quantum computing, and satellite observatories.


Providing a platform for technology enthusiasts to rent the latest tech without breaking the bank, Poptronic is democratizing access to cutting-edge technologies and devices.

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VE2DX is a manufacturer of electronic appliances offering products such as metering devices and breakout boxes for the radio community.

Equake Systems

Rounding off our list, Equake Systems manufactures, distributes, and services the quake trip device worldwide, providing an essential service in areas prone to seismic activity.

As this list showcases, Canada is home to many innovative and exciting electronics companies. These startups are pushing boundaries, challenging conventional thinking, and shaping the direction of the global electronics landscape. We look forward to watching their progress as they continue to innovate and disrupt.

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