Which Danish Software Startups Are Revolutionizing Tech in 2023?

Denmark, known for its innovative and technology-driven culture, is a hotbed for exciting software startups. These startups are causing quite a stir globally with the unique solutions they offer. Their innovations touch on different sectors such as AI, e-commerce, game development, cybersecurity, and much more. Let’s delve into some of the standout software startups making strides in Denmark.


Kanpla is a B2B SaaS solution provider helping canteens and kitchens enhance their digital user journey, boost sales, and lower administration. The startup is out to reshape foodservice industries and give clients a seamless and improved digital experience.


Capturi leverages AI and Speech Analytics to enhance customer interactions. By understanding customer behavior and getting relevant insights, businesses can make informed decisions to enhance their service delivery.


Specializing in mobile apps, marketplace, e-commerce, and offering Time as a Service, Shouter provides a wide range of digital solutions. The startup is keen on playing a critical role in a world where digital transformation is a crucial factor of business success.


Robotto integrates drones with AI and computer vision technologies executed at edge level for a variety of use-cases. Their solution opens up opportunities in different sectors such as, agriculture, security, and surveillance.


Coana is a cybersecurity solution provider aiming to address security vulnerabilities and reduce technical debt. Their software is designed for proactive dev teams looking to enhance their security networks while reducing the risk of cyber threats.

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Axid Studios I/S

Axid Studios I/S is an all-rounded digital solution provider that offers games, apps, websites, software, and much more. Their diverse portfolio serves a wide range of clients with different digital needs.


GoSimplo is a platform that offers data visualization, analytics, insights, performance, and strategic decisions based on data. Businesses get to use these data findings to strategize and improve operational efficiency.


Rabatta offers a browser extension that automatically finds and tests relevant discount codes while shopping. In a world where e-commerce is booming, Rabatta gives online shoppers an easy way to save money.

HATO Medical Technologies

HATO Medical Technologies focuses on developing innovative technological analysis of ECG-driven data. As healthcare becomes more digitized, HATO provides essential data to aid in diagnosis and treatment.


Zupply is a tech startup building zero-waste construction materials. Zupply’s eco-friendly construction solution is a step in the right direction for sustainable living and environmental conservation.


SiteHub seeks to enhance site efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint during the building phase. The SaaS startup steps in to make the construction process more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Sports Linker Group

Sports Linker Group offers a range of solutions including SaaS, Mobile App, Communities, Sports Tech, Social Network, and Matchmaking services. The startup is harnessing technology to support and enhance the world of sports.


Kople is a SaaS provider offering a wide variety of software solutions. Irrespective of the industry, Kople is committed to support businesses optimize their processes with appropriate software tools.


Legacy is out to simplify and automate your Carbon Accounting with their software solution. Legacy’s efforts in helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint is a significant contribution towards combating climate change.

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Mugato joins the list of SaaS providers in Denmark providing a range of software solutions to cater to various business needs. With solutions tailored to client’s unique needs, Mugato ensure businesses maximize their potential and improve their operations.

These Danish software startups are just a snapshot of what Denmark has to offer. Their innovative solutions are a testament to Denmark’s thriving tech industry, showcasing creativity and impactful technology-driven solutions.

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