Which E-Commerce Startups are Transforming the Business Landscape in Vietnam?

Vietnam is seeing a boom in the e-commerce industry, with the Southeast Asian country witnessing numerous startups carving a niche for themselves in a myriad of sectors. This article showcases fifteen such interesting e-commerce startups and companies from Vietnam, offering an array of products and services, from electronic gadgets to pet supplies, and from travel-related services to software solutions. Let’s dive into Vietnam’s flourishing e-commerce landscape and explore these innovative startups.

Over the past decade, Vietnam’s e-commerce industry has grown by leaps and bounds, mirroring the overall economic growth of the country. The proliferation of internet usage and smartphone access has added fuel to this growth; allowing these startups to reach a vast pool of consumers and making online shopping an increasingly preferred choice for many Vietnamese.

While the e-commerce sector in Vietnam is predominantly ruled by big players like Lazada, Shopee, and Tiki, the startups listed below are diligently making their mark by offering unique products and services, catering to the needs and wants of the Vietnamese consumers.


TopZone is a leading Apple Authorized Reseller, offering a broad array of Apple products in Vietnam. They’ve made a name for themselves in the e-commerce industry, providing consumers with genuine products and excellent customer service.


V9Bet đang đứng đầu thị trường với chiếc vương miện “nhà cái hàng đầu”. Với lời mời hấp dẫn đến từ nơi này, khách hàng có thể thoả thích tham gia cược thể thao, sòng bạc, poker và nhiều hơn nữa.

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Gloka, a startup in the travel industry, provides travel-related services, with their main product being a portable and convenient travel SIM card. By offering easy access to internet services while abroad, Gloka aims to make travelling more efficient and stress-free for its users.

YOLO Company Limited

YOLO Company Limited is a one-stop online shop that caters to all pet-related needs. They offer a wide selection of pet foods, accessories, and supplies, consolidating life’s peskiest errands into one convenient online shopping experience.


Aiming to streamline the B2B sector, Karavan connects brands directly with SMEs, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. Karavan’s platform fosters growth among small businesses through effortless shopping for commercial needs.


Okiva is a livestream e-commerce platform, tapping into the real-time interaction trend to offer a more engaging, personal, and immersive online shopping experience.

Thời trang công sở Andora

Thời trang công sở Andora là một thương hiệu thời trang, focused on women’s elegance wrapped in subtle designs. The brand aims to accompany women in their professional life by offering office fashion that speaks style and comfort.

Vai Som Phuc Hoa

Vai Som Phuc Hoa, a brand selling early litchi, is a typical product of Phuc Hoa countryside in Vietnam. They’ve successfully brought their local, quality-rich litchis to the broader market via the e-commerce platform.


e-Farm aims to democratize digital advertising for agricultural products by providing cheap price ads services and technologies. Apart from these services, they also have their own eCommerce platform for selling various farm products.


DrobeBox is a fashion tech startup that uses AI to recommend the right clothes for its users. They also offer a clothing subscription service that provides handpicked clothes, offering a personalized fashion experience for their subscribers.

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Beelancer Việt Nam

Beelancer Việt Nam is an online platform that connects freelancers with prospective clients, providing an expansive range of services across various industries in Vietnam.

2B I/O

2B I/O is a software development company, which offers applications and solutions to optimize e-commerce procedures. Their solutions enable businesses to enhance their processes, thus maximizing efficiency and profitability in their operations.


cungbeyeu specializes in providing quality and affordable baby cribs. This e-commerce site caters to parents seeking sturdy, comfortable and cost-effective solutions for their newborns and toddlers.

TrueProfit – Ultimate Profit Tracking

TrueProfit offers a profit calc and analytics software for ecommerce businesses. This SaaS startup provides an effective tool to monitor and calculate profits in real-time, thus enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions.


CÔNG TY TNHH TẤN PHÁT HOÀNG GIA là nhà cung cấp uy tín chất lượng các sản phẩm bảo hộ lao động, đáp ứng nhu cầu của nhiều doanh nghiệp trong và ngoài nước.

As we can see, Vietnam’s e-commerce scene is blossoming with originality, pioneering entrepreneurs, and growing customer demand. This versatility offers a promising future for these startups and contributes to the strengthening of Vietnam’s digital economy.

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