Which E-Learning Startups Are Shaping Education’s Future In Indonesia?

Over the years, there has been a significant rise in startups with a focus in E-Learning, as the digital age continues to revolutionize the way in which we learn, teach, and exchange information. This is particularly prominent in Indonesia, where a number of innovative and exciting startups are making a name for themselves, offering a range of educational services that cater to the needs of the country. In this discussion, we’ll shine the spotlight on 15 E-Learning startups from Indonesia that are making meaningful contributions to the evolving landscape of education.

These companies represent a spectrum of specialties within the E-Learning space, from personalized remote language learning to online job-search and recruitment platform with online tests, e-interview and e-learning features. From an educator training platform to a collaborative platform providing benefits in design, research and education and to company offering personalized and interactive mobile education. They underline the diversity and innovation present in this sector.

So, if you’re curious about what’s happening in the world of E-Learning, looking to enhance your skills or thinking of integrating technological advancements into your educational institution or company, here are some established startups that you need to know about.


LingoTalk provides a personalized remote language learning solution across Indonesia, aiming to connect learners with competent instructors for a one-on-one learning experience.


REDY is an online job-search and recruitment platform offering features ranging from online tests, e-interviews to e-learning, making job hunting more accessible and efficient.

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Pahamify is driven by a vision to become an education super app that offers high-quality content, whilst leveraging technology to help expand the local educational sphere.


Established with a mission to transform low-skilled workers into professionals, Academix provides resources that open up better opportunities domestically and internationally.


Assist school management by digitizing teaching and learning processes with Eduku. This application offers efficient and effective administrative solutions for educational institutions.


Specifically designed for educators, GuruInovatif offers an online platform that helps to train and continually update the educators regarding the best teaching practices and advanced techniques.


Asdos.id takes advantage of technology to provide an education-tech Marketplace Platform for Indonesia’s Higher Education, offering a variety of courses and educational resources.

PT Lister Teknologi Edukasi

Lister offers a digital classroom platform that provides coaching in multiple languages, thereby expanding the linguistic capabilities and global exposure of learners.

Bitlabs Academy

Bitlabs is an online education platform that helps to upgrade the digital skills of the young generation, making them more competitive in the global digital marketplace.

PT Chishiki NoHikari Indonesia

A company that endeavors to provide varied benefits in design, research, education and much more to their clients, using its platform for academic collaboration and learning.


As a bridge connecting talents to companies, Algobash offers a talent pool platform along with SaaS pre-employment assessment services for enterprises.


Dibimbing is a learning platform that provides career-oriented skills for job preparation and career upgrades, aiding individuals to secure a stable professional future.

Titik Pintar

Titik Pintar offers a personalized, interactive and fun-filled mobile education platform for K-6 students in Indonesia, making learning enjoyable and stress-free.

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Mounev Indonesia

Regarded as the No.1 E-Learning Builder for Schools, Companies, and Professionals, Mounev Indonesia is committed to revolutionizing the mainstream learning systems.

Guru Kreator

Guru Kreator provides a curriculum-based Learning Management System for teachers, students, parents, and schools, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the learning experience.

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