Which EHR Startups are Revolutionising US Healthcare in 2023?

In this digital epoch, healthcare startups are revolutionizing the market with their innovative electronic health record (EHR) technologies. These startups not only strive towards enhancing patient care by making it more collaborative and data-driven, but also toward reducing the administrative burden for healthcare providers. Let’s delve deep into some of the US-based healthcare companies that are shaping the future of digital healthcare through EHR services.

EHR systems integrate patients’ health data from various healthcare providers to facilitate secure, real-time, and patient-centered records. These records can be accessed by authorized users. They can provide valuable information to healthcare providers at the point of care and support decision-making aspects. Through EHRs, healthcare providers can streamline clinical workflows and improve patient care outcomes.

Here are fifteen startups from the heart of the US that are helping to define an era of connected healthcare through their innovative EHR solutions:


Tebra is an EHR startup dedicated to assisting independent healthcare practices thrive in this new era of healthcare. They offer digital tools and support that aid in managing daily operations while optimizing the patient care process. Their primary focus is on simplifying operations and ensuring that healthcare providers can devote their time and resources to enhance patient care.

Ruth Health

Ruth Health is a telehealth clinic focusing on women’s health, specifically for pregnant women. It provides digital health records for its patients, making it easier for healthcare providers to access and manage their health data. Their goal is to streamline healthcare for pregnant women and ensure that they receive the best care possible.

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Barti focuses on empowering optometry practices through patient-centric software solutions. The company is changing the game for optometry practices, providing them with the tools necessary to enhance patient health and improve overall practice efficiency.

OFFOR Health

OFFOR Health leverages digital technology to accelerate the resolution of surgery backlogs. They operate through their onsite care delivery network coupled with demand-matching technology. To achieve this, they utilize digital records that streamline the process of scheduling and performing surgeries.


Knowtex uses AI-powered tools to convert medical conversations into visit notes, facilitating quick access to important data during consultations. By leveraging their technology, healthcare providers can effortlessly document and access patient health records.

Parker Health

Parker Health is pushing the boundaries of traditional healthcare by offering EHR services, remote physiological monitoring, biometrics, and health subscriptions. Their solution helps providers to efficiently manage patient data and provide effective patient care.


For those fighting substance use and mental health disorders, RecoveryLink provides digital recovery tools in conjunction with EHR technology to ensure efficient data management and better care coordination.

AiGIA Health

AiGIA Health focuses on prevention through a proactive approach to healthcare. Their Web3 Health data platform leverages the extensive capabilities of EHR systems to enhance preventive care.


Geno.Me stands at the intersection between genetic reports and EHRs. Their innovative data exchange platform links personal genetic reports with their electronic health records, contributing significantly to precision medicine.


Spesana streamlines molecular diagnostic ordering, aggregates patient records, facilitates instant referrals, and organizes tumor boards. All these activities are carried out on their centralized healthcare platform, significantly enhancing care delivery and data management.

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1Health connects patients, clinicians, labs, and their health plans through their diagnostic cloud platform. They aggregate and organize health data, creating comprehensive digital health records that support efficient care and meaningful interactions.

Wingspan Health

Wingspan Health paves the way for people to comprehend their medical care better. Their platform provides a unified view of individual medical records, helping caregivers deliver personalized care to their patients.


Galvan uses web3 technology to build a comprehensive health and wellness platform. By keeping patient data on the blockchain, they aim to provide a secure, reliable way to share and access health records.

Chorus Innovations

Chorus Innovations provides internet-based services and EHR technologies. They are dedicated to making healthcare information easily accessible and manageable for all stakeholders involved.

Bask Health

Bask Health combines software as a service (SaaS), healthcare and E-commerce to create a unique health management platform. Their services assist health providers with easier management of patient records, contributing to a more streamlined healthcare delivery process.

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