Which Emerging French Enterprise Software Startups are Influencing Industry Standards?


The French startup scene boasts a bustling array of tech companies and has lately been brimming with activity in enterprise software. From platforms that transform the world of video streaming to solutions that simplify legal processes for professionals, the sector is ripe with potential. This article takes a closer look at 15 of the most interesting enterprise software startups hailing from the land of wine, cheese, and the Seine: France.

While others are pushing the boundaries of tech innovation in this sector, these startups are making an undeniable impact. Their services range from data management to security and much more. They are reshaping how businesses operate and interact in an increasingly digital world. Without further ado, let’s delve into these remarkable companies from France’s enterprise software scene.

Each of these companies serves as a beacon of French innovation, demonstrating how diverse and influential this sector can be. Here, we list some of the most promising and fascinating enterprise software companies in France to keep an eye on.


As its name suggests, Api.video is all about online video. They are essentially building the backbone of online video, providing a powerful tool for developers to create applications that rely on video functionality.


Hive is an epitome of decentralization in the modern world. It is a distributed cloud platform based on peer-to-peer sharing of users’ computational capacities, setting a novel direction for cloud computing.

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Boosting sales by making commissions easier to manage is the focus of Salesramp. It is developing robust sales commission software to facilitate businesses and their sales teams.


Reaping more returns from product advertising is the cornerstone of Dataïads. Its unique solution boosts the ROI by generating smarter landing pages that engage customers more effectively.


SOLAL Tech is reinventing the way digital assets are managed. This includes a broad range of assets such as social networks, email, and bank accounts.


Offering a blend of legal, administrative, and financial services for professionals, MyFormality simplifies the way professionals manage their essential services.


Lisy.co offers a dedicated mailbox for order processing in short circuits, marking a new era for corporate logistics.


Security is paramount in a digital world, and AugmentedCISO is making cybersecurity management a breeze with its platform. By aggregating and visualizing cybersecurity action plans, they are helping companies enhance their cyber-resilience.


BASIKON is a one-of-a-kind SaaS platform focusing on lending and leasing, digitalizing the process for a modern experience.


With its SaaS booking engine for meeting rooms, Syncly brings organization and efficiency to the once chaotic process of meeting room booking.


AlterID is a game-changer in privacy technology, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for improved privacy in the digital age.


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) gets a digital twist with CitizenWave, providing a collaborative CSR software application ready for the market.


Offering a unique Energy Trading and Risk Management SaaS solution, Dsflow aims to revolutionize the way energy trading and risk management are dealt with.

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Improve team cohesion with Jurnee, an enterprise platform that simplifies booking and planning team events.

Rapid Views

Finally, Rapid Views provides strategic decision-making solutions for businesses with its BI deployment on SAP HANA project solutions.

These startups illustrate the bustling diversity and innovation in the enterprise software sector in France – a country at the forefront of the European tech scene. With their unique offerings, they are poised to reshape various aspects of the business landscape.

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