Which Fleet Management Startups Are Revolutionizing US Industry in 2023?

Understanding the benefits of fleet management is crucial to improving business operations. Especially in areas such as productivity, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. For this very reason, U.S. fleet management startups have been forging the way forward, introducing innovative solutions that have changed the face of the industry. Today, we will be taking a look at some of the most interesting and fastest-growing fleet management startups and companies in the United States.

In straightforward terms, fleet management is the organization and coordination of a company’s transportation fleet. This includes everything from vehicle maintenance, telematics, driver management, and safety management. As an unmistakably important aspect for many businesses, different industries require various approaches to fleet management. For example, a taxi company will have unique needs compared to a delivery service, construction company, or city bus service. It is within this context that fleet management startups have begun to flourish, each offering its own unique solution tailor-made for a specific industry.

From delivering cars to your doorstep with Kyte, to boosting the efficiency and sustainability of marine fleets using OrbitMI. Or even managing unmanned aircraft with AlarisPro, these companies are transforming the industry in a big way. What follows are some of the most promising fleet management startups in the U.S. right now.

Eve Air Mobility

Eve Air Mobility is ushering in a new era in urban transportation by developing air mobility solutions. With a clear goal to advance the urban air mobility ecosystem, Eve Air Mobility is certainly positioning itself as a company to watch in the fleet management scene.

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Inspiration Mobility

Focusing on electric vehicles, Inspiration Mobility is the first one-stop EV solutions company that finances electric vehicles. Their services are contributing to a greener and more sustainable fleet management industry.


At Kyte, the convenience of the customer is front and center. Kyte offers cars delivered straight to people’s doorsteps, pushing the boundaries of traditional fleet management.


In the rapidly developing field of unmanned aircraft, AlarisPro is making strides. They develop advanced fleet management software specifically for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry.


BrightDrop seeks to transform the way goods move around the world through offering electric vehicles and other connected, electrified products.

d20 Solutions

Providing actionable insights through vehicle data, d20 Solutions helps businesses maximize fleet efficiency and productivity.


BizFleets helps businesses reduce the cost of owning and operating work vehicles through their fleet management services.


ParkMyFleet provides comprehensive fleet lifecycle managed services at their fully staffed mobility hubs, which are secured and gated.


FULFLLD is reshaping the last mile delivery scene with their tech-enabled service. They embrace their mission to bring customer service back to last mile delivery.


Revolv provides comprehensive transportation and electric vehicle solutions for commercial fleets.


Specialized in the marine industry, OrbitMI caters to global fleets with its SAAS offering enabling businesses to manage fleets more efficiently and sustainably.


Tangerine, an AI-Powered data analytics company, offers solutions for fleet management, shared mobility and insurance telematics.


Offering a universal data platform for trucking, Axle enables new applications in sustainability, fleet management, logistics, and more.

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LoadHive offers an advanced dispatch automation and load management platform to streamline fleet management.

Hera Solutions

Hera Solutions is a software development firm that offers tracking, daily rostering, automated coaching, and vehicle management solutions.

It’s clear to see that these innovative startups are redefining the landscape of fleet management. Whether it’s through tackling concerns of sustainability, efficiency, or automation, these companies are sure to significantly impact the way we perceive and manage fleets in the future.

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