Which Indian Cloud Data Services Startups are Influencing the Industry?

Cloud Data Services is a rapidly growing sector in India, with many innovative startups aligning themselves in this sphere. These companies are transforming the way businesses manage and utilize their data, harnessing the power of the cloud as a scalable and secure solution. This makes their potential immense in terms of optimizing and boosting overall business operational efficiency. Here are some of the intriguing new-age Indian startups in the domain of Cloud Data Services.

Some of these startups specialize in providing infrastructure for cloud-based applications, while others focus on specific sectors such as healthcare, finance, human resource management, and more. Despite their differences, they share the common aim of helping businesses to migrate to, and leverage, the cloud effectively.

Let’s take a closer look at these groundbreaking companies and understand what they bring to the table.


Bigspoon, a cloud kitchen startup, stands out with its omnichannel approach to ordering and delivery. Focusing on enhancing customer experience, Bigspoon is revolutionising the food delivery industry with its cutting-edge cloud data services.


MyTechMates emphasizes that technology should be a tool that helps you achieve your objectives, wherever its location. They provide efficient and hassle-free cloud data services to their clients, assisting them in achieving their business goals effectively.


Backed by EOS Blockchain, Newfang is a decentralized cloud storage platform designed for Web 3.0 Applications (DApps) & developers. They are committed to providing a secure, reliable, and scalable cloud storage solution.

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Half Square Group of Companies

As an international conglomerate, Half Square Group of Companies owns and operates companies in Fintech, Financial, and Tech industries. They are leveraging the power of cloud data services to further improve their business operations.


Inferenz offers specialized skills in data engineering, artificial intelligence and cloud services. The IT firm is committed to helping businesses leverage these modern technologies for optimal growth and productivity.

Mirats Insights

Mirats Insights provides secure, cloud-based sampling solutions for businesses and consumers. They’ve designed their solutions to cater to the growing need for accurate data extrapolation and interpretation in various industries.


Redcrok offers cloud data services in form of robust and simplified accounting software. They aim at bringing digital transformations in financial business operation by automating accounting procedures.

0101 Digit All

Striving for digital transformation, 0101 Digit All Solutions serves businesses with innovative technological solutions. They help businesses transform their operations and achieve their objectives in today’s digital world.

Cloudare Technologies

Cloudare Technologies offers a broad spectrum of services, including analytics, automation, and app development, all backed by robust cloud services. They are committed to helping businesses achieve operational efficiency and strategic performance.


MHealthie stands apart with its digital vaccination ecosystem powered by Blockchain and innovative business models. They combine technological advancements in healthcare with a cloud-based solution optimized for efficiency and security.

VLN TechSolutions

VLN TechSolutions provides cloud data protection and backup services. Their focus lies primarily in supporting businesses with safe and secure cloud solutions, ensuring data stays protected at all times.

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ATOM offers data science solutions for various sectors including healthcare, banking, e-commerce, and marketing. They leverage the cloud to develop and deploy these solutions efficiently and effectively, aiding their clients in achieving their goals.

OpSyCon DevOps Services

OpSyCon DevOps Services is a software development company dedicated to automation of infrastructures, cloud migrations, and CI and CD solutions. They employ cloud data services to provide effective and efficient services to businesses.

ElJah Software Solutions

ElJah offers solutions like human resource management, staffing, and employee database management services. By capitalizing on cloud solutions, they deliver these services to improve human resources efficiency for various businesses.


StackMyBiz offers an array of services including mobile app development, web development, and cloud services. They use their proficiency in cloud services to deliver excellent solutions that support business growth.

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