Which Indian Electronics Startups are Revolutionizing the Industry in 2023?

Welcome to a comprehensive journey into the thrilling world of electronics start-ups in India. Technological innovation is ceaselessly broadening horizons and India’s burgeoning electronics industry bristles with vibrant start-ups offloading revolutionary ideas. From electric vehicles to creative cooking devices, these start-ups proffer a future congruent with sustainable methods, a shift towards digitalisation and automated living.

With digitization sprawling across sectors and evolving in great strides, the electronics industry is an arena filled with triumphant inventions. Today, we highlight 15 interesting electronics start-ups from India that are not only playing essential roles in our daily lives, but are also creating an impact on the future of our country.

So, let’s get started into this exciting assortment of some of the most promising electronics start-ups from India. They are not just breaking the mold with their innovative products, but have also etched their unique imprints with their creative business strategies.

1. EMotorad

EMotorad promises urban mobility solutions as they showcase high-quality electric cycles. It is an electric vehicles company that aims to equip India with affordable yet superior electronic cycles as we step towards a sustainable future. EMotorad is enabling a novel way of mobility while making a significant dent in the electronics industry.

2. On2Cook

On2Cook transforms the way we cook with their patent granted smart cooking device. As a revolutionary addition to the electronics industry, On2Cook provides its users with a hassle-free and digitally guided cooking experience like never before.

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3. Cellestial E-mobility

Cellestial E-mobility is developing electric tractors. With impressive battery life, these tractors are a sustainable and effective substitute for the traditional ones, carving out a unique niche in the electronics industry.

4. Powerbot

PowerBot provides India’s most advanced solutions to increase energy efficiency. It seeks to improve the energy efficiency of industries, offices, and homes with its state-of-the-art technology.

5. Neolync Solutions

Neolync Solutions is a manufacturing unit for a spectrum of electronic products such as mobile phones, telecom products and computing devices. This company is the answer to India’s increased importance on digitalisation and automated living.

6. Innovatios Technology

Innovatios Technology manufacturers a wide range of automation systems. They are paving the way for the latest technologies and emerging as one of the most interesting electronics start-ups in India.

7. HatchnHack

HatchnHack is an unparalleled marketplace for components and electronics manufacturing services. They provide end-to-end solutions, making them an interesting player in the electronics industry.


TREO INFOCOM is India’s electronics distributor giant. It is a key player in the electronics start-up segment, bringing a vast array of international electronic products to the Indian market.

9. Nexus Power

Nexus Power is an innovative start-up that manufactures rechargeable, bio-organic, and biodegradable batteries from crop residue. This unique concept contributes to sustainable growth and renewable energy source.

10. ScratchNest

ScratchNest is the first Indian company to design, develop, and manufacture UHF RFID, NFC, BLE, and Datalogging devices in India. This makes ScratchNest a top contender amongst the growing electronics start-ups in India.

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11. Napino Digital Solutions

Napino Digital Solutions focuses on the design and development of IoT products and solutions. It is diversifying businesses within the Napino Group and making its mark in the field of electronics. 

12. Spykke

Spykke offers power bank rental services. An essential part of the electronics ecosystem, Spykke provides stress-free solutions to consumers on the go.

13. Charge India

Charge India is a manufacturer of Electric Vehicle Chargers and charge stations. They are pushing the boundaries of Electric Vehicle infrastructure in India.

14. Tech Wizardry

Tech Wizardry provides gadget repairs, security services and much more. As one of the finest companies in India, they are a comprehensive one-stop electronics solution provider.

15. Renon India

Renon India is an advanced Lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer that is making strides in power storage sector. This start-up illuminates the future of energy storage, a key aspect of the electronics industry.

Each of these intriguing start-ups spotlight the promising future of electronics in India. The evolving landscape of the industry is characterised by the confluence of innovation, application and creative business methods. These start-ups are a dynamic testament to India’s progressive inventiveness and we celebrate their stimulating presence in the world of electronics!

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