Which Influential US Law Enforcement Startups Are Shaping 2023’s Landscape?

In recent years, the Law Enforcement industry in the United States has witnessed a dramatic shift with technology fueling innovative startups and companies. These companies are redefining how law enforcement operates, offering cutting-edge solutions from bullet protective gear to automated litigation software. In this article, we will spotlight 15 noteworthy law enforcement startups and companies operating within the U.S.

The spectrum of these companies is vast, encompassing a range of businesses that seek to solve longstanding problems ranging from public safety to diverse hiring within the law industry. Let’s dive into each of these businesses in detail and explore their impact on the law enforcement industry.

For ease of navigation, this article is divided into sections, each dedicated to a specific startup or company. Within each section, you will find a brief bio of the company, including a link to their official website.

SX Lawyers

SX Lawyers is a law firm dedicated to providing legal solutions at a cost-effective rate. Based in the U.S., they utilize their legal expertise to solve complex law enforcement issues.

Talus Ridge

Talus Ridge combines technology and safety, producing bullet protective gear designed for comfort and ensuring the safety of law enforcement officers.


With their innovative technological solutions, SevenStar works towards a safer and more accountable law enforcement environment.

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Relay Software

Relay is a community safety platform, endeavoring to extend help across the U.S. Their focus on accessibility and citizen safety sets them apart in the law enforcement industry.

Hampshire Lawyers

Based in New Hampshire, USA, the Hampshire Lawyers firm offers various law enforcement services to cater to diverse client needs.

Legal Innovators

Legal Innovators is a legal service provider aimed at redefining the legal landscape through changes in hiring, pricing, and promoting diversity of junior legal talent.


Redefining the way law enforcement officials solve crimes, Chuqlab provides audio transcription software for aid in investigations.

Christian Levine Law

Specializing in civil law and legal services, Christian Levine Law offers a wide array of knowledgeable legal solutions for their clients.

Lisinski Law Firm

Lisinski Law Firm specializes in immigration laws, helping immigrants navigate the complexities of the immigration system.

Sassoon Cymrot Law

Sassoon Cymrot Law caters to businesses and individuals, providing a broad spectrum of legal services including business law and real estate.

Liles Parker

Liles Parker is a full-service law firm focusing on health law, regulatory issues, corporate deals, family law, and mergers.

Tinti & Navins

Providing law and legal services, Tinti & Navins is a well-established firm within the legal service industry.


PAG.law provides legal services dealing with venture capital, media and privacy, technology, and various other corporate matters.

Anderson Lehrman Barre Maraist

Operating as a full-service law practice, Anderson Lehrman Barre Maraist specializes in civil and commercial litigation, mediation, and arbitration, amongst other offerings.

Backtrack Video

BackTrack Video operates a network of public traffic cameras that aid in providing accident evidence for insurance claims, adding a technological edge to traditional law enforcement procedures.

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In conclusion, these 15 businesses are just a sample of the innovation and creativity present within the Law Enforcement industry in the United States. These startups and companies are certainly companies to watch as they continue to shape the law enforcement landscape of the future.

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