Which Innovative Canadian E-Commerce Startups Dominated The Industry in 2023?

E-commerce has grown exponentially around the globe, and Canada is no exception. In this article, we explore some of the most interesting and innovative Canadian startups shaking up the E-commerce world. Ranging from a marketplace for mobile devices to an online platform that handles post-purchase customer communications, these diverse companies have found innovative solutions to various transaction-related problems.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur looking for inspiring business models, a potential investor searching for the next big thing, or just interested in Canadian E-commerce, this list is a must-read. Let’s take a closer look at these fifteen game-changers from the Great White North.


DeviceList, the first marketplace in Canada dedicated to mobile devices, provides an easy avenue for customers to find high-quality, warranty-backed, pre-owned mobile devices. This innovative startup is levelling the playing field and making the pre-owned market more accessible.


By incentivizing buyers to provide reviews after checkout and collecting these reviews in Messenger, Reviewerly helps Shopify stores to drive compelling reviews. This platform provides an innovative solution for stores needing reviews to build their reputation and attract more customers.

The Fitting Room

Entering the next generation of apparel shopping, The Fitting Room allows for the virtual try-on of made-to-fit garments. This high-tech approach to online shopping helps customers make confident buying decisions and potentially reduces returns.

Foodzinga Canada

As a delivery startup, Foodzinga Canada partners with high-quality restaurants and franchises, bringing gastronomic experiences right to the customer’s doorstep. This startup is modernizing the food delivery scene in Canada.

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FOOPE offers a collection of socially conscious fragrances that aim to cultivate self-awareness and efficacy. Beyond just selling attractive scents, FOOPE presents a purpose-driven and affordable option in the perfume industry.


Apimio, a Product Information Management (PIM) tool for manufacturers, streamlines product data feeds for e-commerce retailers. This startup meets a clear need in the industry, helping manufacturers and retailers to manage their product data effectively.


Nishe is building the infrastructure for distributed commerce, providing a foundation for the future of the E-commerce industry. Rising to meet the demands of a fast-paced digital world, Nishe is one to watch.


ShipHype is an e-commerce fulfillment center offering FBA prep services. They handle inventory management and shipping logistics, providing a much-needed service to e-commerce businesses.


Uncertn, a premium men’s athleisure wear brand, is owned and operated by triplets. Leveraging their unique family dynamic, the triplets strive to deliver top-quality products and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.


HAUL is a mobile application facilitating personalized fashion item discovery. Capitalizing on the demand for personalized shopping and styling, this startup makes finding individual style easier than ever.


Dlvvr offers on-demand, same-day delivery for Toronto-based retail businesses. Meeting the increasing consumer demand for quick gratification, Dlvvr is at the forefront of efficient delivery services.

WISMO labs

Engaging in post-purchase experience, communication, and marketing, WISMO labs impacts the e-commerce experience far beyond the checkout. Their branded tracking platform is elevating customer service standards after purchase.

Mobilesentrix Canada

As a wholesale supplier of cellphone parts, including iPhone repair parts and Samsung mobile replacement parts, Mobilesentrix Canada is a key player in the mobile electronics industry. This startup makes repair and replacement simpler — and more affordable — than ever before.

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Canvas Cannabis

Canvas Cannabis, a retail store specialising in recreational cannabis products and accessories, brings a comprehensive collection of quality cannabis products to Canadians. It’s an innovative startup contributing to the evolving cannabis industry.

Vieratola Studios

Vieratola Studios, a company specializing in clothing design and sales, serves up trend-setting fashion. They are contributing to the vibrant online fashion scene in Canada, providing shoppers with a wide variety of stylish options.

In conclusion, the variety of innovative e-commerce startups in Canada demonstrates the insatiable nature of digital commerce. As this sector continues to evolve, these businesses are at the forefront of shaping the future of the industry, driven by the quest to innovate, disrupt and improve customers’ online shopping experiences.

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