Which Innovative Philippine E-Commerce Startups are Transforming Business in 2023?

The E-commerce industry in the Philippines has grown tremendously in recent years, driven by a young, tech-savvy population and its bustling startup scene has produced an array of noteworthy e-commerce platforms that cater to varied industries and audiences. In this article, we uncover and share insights on 15 of the most interesting Philippine-based e-commerce startups and companies. These platforms are not only buying and selling on the internet but are filling market gaps, building communities, and driving innovation.

There is a highly diverse array of online businesses in the Philippines, from online grocery stores, customized subscription services, integrated delivery systems, to unique platforms that cater to specific demographics such as mothers and beauty enthusiasts. What’s interesting is how these companies test the boundaries of the conventional retail model, leveraging technology and innovative thinking to deliver highly personalized services.

Decoding this panorama of seasoned and emerging e-commerce players could indeed mark some interesting context for startups globally seeking innovation in their buyer engagement and value-added services. So, let’s delve into the E-Commerce landscape of the Philippines.


SariSuki operates as an online neighborhood grocery store fostering a sense of community. This e-commerce platform suits clients who desire a modern take on the traditional local grocery shopping experience.


Edamama is an e-commerce platform designed specifically for mothers. The platform helps mothers find and shop for their needs in a streamlined manner.

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CloudEats is an innovative business model that combines cloud kitchens and restaurants. It is making its mark in the burgeoning food delivery industry of Southeast Asia.


Shipmates is an eCommerce courier platform, bridging online stores with multiple couriers. It reassures seamless delivery services for online businesses.


Clikhero rewards its users for shopping, promising a bonus for every purchase. It is revolutionizing the customer experience and satisfaction.


PICK.A.ROO is a lifestyle app that brings a variety of services from different stores directly to your doorstep. It’s the ultimate one-stop solution for getting anything delivered in the Philippines.


BeautyBuddy is a social-powered marketplace that simplifies transactions and discovery for beauty services in Southeast Asia.


Bultuhan.com serves as a much-needed e-commerce wholesale marketplace, making supplies accessible to both big and small vendors.


Hyperlokal provides a hyperlocal eCommerce platform focusing on geolocation, marketplace, and e-commerce, creating a compact customer-centric platform.

Nirvasian Fulfillment

Nirvasian is an e-commerce fulfillment and shipping platform that takes care of the logistics for businesses, simplifying end-to-end transaction process.


Zagana is an online platform that promises quick delivery of fresh groceries and frozen foods – within 30 minutes or on the same day.

On Demand Deals

On Demand Deals is an e-commerce platform that helps transform unused spaces into cloud convenience stores.


EveGrocer is taking the path less traveled by offering a subscription-based online grocery service that promotes zero waste.


RideRadar offers a one-stop mobile app for users to search, compare prices, and book ride and delivery services from multiple providers. It’s as convenient as it gets.

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Goodies is an online community that assists local sellers to connect with buyers and provide same-day delivery service. It’s the next-gen local marketplace.

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