Which Mapping Services Startups Are Reshaping US Topography in 2023?

In the rapidly advancing tech world, mapping services have become an essential component in a multitude of industries. Mapping technology helps us understand our environment better, provides incredible applications in strategic planning and aids in timely decision-making processes in sectors like agriculture, real estate, disaster management and a host of others. We take a look at 15 American startups that are redefining the Mapping Services industry.

From underground soil mapping to drone services, these ventures offer exciting and innovative solutions. The companies are making excellent strides in using geospatial mapping, utilizing existing infrastructure and providing unique platform solutions. We delve into the unique offerings of each and get to know a little more about them.

Let’s explore these mapping pioneers and see how they’re paving the way with their innovations in this space.


Pointz is a trailblazing mobile mapping app that provides cyclist and scooter riders with safe route navigation options in cities. This startup offers a solution to navigate the concrete jungle safely.

S4 Mobile Laboratories

The unique S4 Mobile Laboratories has created mobile soil laboratories that map what’s underground in the real-time scenario. This venture is transforming the way we understand and perceive the subterranean world.


The first network to utilize the limited surface of the Earth as a resource, GEODNET or Global Earth Observation Decentralized Network is propelling us into the future of the mapping industry.

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Roadgnar specializes in rendering automated infrastructure management for cities. Their offerings are transforming the way city management is traditionally approached.


Bennett-Panfil is a professional land surveying firm offering mapping services, engineering design surveys, and even coastal construction surveys. Their work is critical to a multitude of industries requiring accurate mapping data.

Prius Intelli

A vertically integrated geospatial service provider, Prius Intelli, offers innovative aerial imagery support to capture the world from above.

Mason Private Locating

Helping to discover what’s hidden, Mason Private Locating provides utility locating, GPR, concrete scanning, SUE, robotic camera, mapping, and vacuum excavation services.


With a focus on improving community engagement, iDitchApp provides an on-demand platform for beauty and men’s grooming services with a patented confirmed user interface.

Auterion Government Solutions

An industrial firm, Auterion Government Solutions, provides comprehensive services including unmanned aircraft systems, drones, open source, ISR, and mapping services.

Eagle Eye Aerial Imaging

Combining the art of visuals with mapping, Eagle Eye Aerial Imaging is a photography company offering 3D modelling, mapping, photogrammetry and real estate videography services.


AgMaps is pioneering in the intersection of agriculture and technology by providing mapping and scouting software designed specifically for the agricultural industry.

Digital Fire Prevention

Playing a key role in safety, Digital Fire Prevention uses GPS-based mapping to provide time-critical information about fire safety equipment, shutoff locations, and hazardous materials.

Atomic Maps

Atomic Maps is redefining enterprise analytics, helping clients maximize the use of their geospatial data and unleash the real potential of mapping.

Not A Satellite Labs

Ingeniously using a network of airborne cameras on 80,000 commercial flights, Not A Satellite Labs is building the world’s most accurate map by charting the planet in novel ways.

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Primidio Holdings

Primidio Holdings offers a comprehensive suite of services, including geospatial mapping, research, integration, visualization, and data management. Their mission to render every data point navigable helps unlock the power of location data.

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