Which Mexican Software Startups are Revolutionizing the Tech Industry in 2023?

The Emerging Software Startups in Mexico

Mexico is experiencing a technological revolution and software startups are quickly playing a significant role in this emerging market. Understanding these exciting startups and their innovative technologies can provide valuable insight into Mexico’s growing tech industry.

Below, we have compiled a list of fifteen promising software startups in Mexico, providing a snapshot of their unique products and services. These companies share the common goal of optimizing and digitalizing various industries, driving efficiency and granting businesses the flexibility to adapt according to their changing needs.

This article seeks to highlight these innovative companies that are driving change, creating value and steering Mexico’s software industry towards growth and prosperity in the global market.


Truekx is a promising Cross-Platform App, which aims at boosting the sales, advertising and growth of companies through a network system. The solution is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, providing enhanced visibility and growth opportunities. For more information, visit their website.


Apphive strides in the software industry with its innovative approach towards mobile application development. It claims to create mobile applications without requiring code, making app development accessible to all. To learn more, visit their website.


Verso brings to the software marketplace a platform that enables independent professionals to sell, book, and manage services online. To find out how Verso can benefit your business, visit their website.

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Hoonify Technologies

Hoonify Technologies serves industries with personal supercomputing solutions and supercomputing engineering services. Have a look at their supercomputing solutions on their website.

Simply Track

Simply Track is a B2B SaaS company that automates route planification, optimization, tracking and data analytics. Check their website to see how their software can pave the way for modern logistics.


Karbook, a cloud-based management tool for auto repair shops, aims to boost growth and customer relationships in this industry. Find out more on their website.


I-Open has developed an intuitive and user-friendly ERP in the cloud, targeting small growing companies, medium and large businesses in Spanish-speaking countries. For more insights, visit their website.

Fracter MD

Fracter MD operates a SaaS marketplace for medical devices and provides payment solutions. Read more about their services on their website.


CloudMagnuz is a global IT firm providing industry-leading information technology solutions. Check their website to understand how they are shaping the IT landscape.


Locki is a security and management platform for gated communities, focusing on enhancing secure access and management. Visit their website for more information.


Globalmark offers an e-Commerce platform catering to professional service providers. To see how they are helping businesses scale up and go digital, visit their website.


Scorce provides a single API that connects businesses to global solutions used for client authentication, KYC and fraud prevention. Visit their website to understand how their solution works.

Delta Protect

Delta Protect offers simplified cybersecurity and compliance solutions for startups and SMEs in Mexico and LATAM. Learn more about their solutions on their website.

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Leadsales is a Conversational Commerce Platform that enables businesses to sell through WhatsApp and Social Media. Visit their website to see how they make selling through social media easy and effective.


RetryPay increases payment conversions for eCommerce stores with their financial software without increasing fraud. For more details on how RetryPay can benefit your eCommerce business, visit their website.

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