Which Private Social Networking Startups Are Influencing US Scenario in 2023?

First of all, let’s understand what private social networking is and why it’s a growing industry in the United States. Private Social Networking is an innovative approach to online communication and interaction. This type of platform is designed to humanity’s need for social connections with the internet’s infinite possibilities. These platforms offer a closed and secure space for members to interact without the distractions and privacy concerns of mainstream social media. Come with us as we explore some promising startups in this industry, each delivering a unique and innovative approach to private social networking.


Founded in the United States, SaidThat is transforming the way people give and receive reviews and recommendations. It’s a social platform devoted to discussions and insights, making valuable information more accessible to the end consumer. SaidThat is redefining social involvement with its mobile application, offering a new and innovative approach to online interaction.


HIAGO Inc. is all about bringing neighbors together. This startup is a Neighborhood Social Network that aims to strengthen community bonds. They champion the belief that stronger communities are built upon relationships, communication, and a shared commitment towards progress.


Clava app is developed for the creators. The platform is designed to help creators monetize their skills and creativity through live streams. It is a wonderful opportunity for artists, musicians, and other creative professionals to generate income while connecting with their audiences in real-time.

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Goldhela agencies

With a mission to grow by helping others, Goldhela agencies is making a significant impact in the industry. They offer a platform for individuals and enterprises to facilitate growth and development.


PeerBoard is a SaaS Community Platform that provides a new way for communities to engage and interact online. The platform is designed to streamline community management and enhance member interaction.


Offering top-notch no-code platform for building community-driven businesses, ScaleGrowth is excelling the private social networking scene by providing out-of-the-box solutions like a member app, community experiences, and recommendation AI.


DearLO provides a unique platform that encapsulates memorable moments of your child’s milestones. It’s a great tool for parents seeking to cherish every moment of their child’s development and growth.


A pioneer in real estate networking and home designing, Foiye captures the essence of home-making and transforms it into a comprehensive online platform.

RedLINES App Inc.

Offering an AI-fueled networking solution, RedLINES App Inc. optimally utilizes technology to provide high-quality networking capabilities.


Forevory gratifies the memories of lost loved ones through its online memorial company. By using advanced technology, the startup is enabling users to remember, educate, and share the lives of lost loved ones.


An interest-based social networking platform, Landing is helping people to connect based on their creativity and passions online.


Your private social network to connect and share life with family and close friends, TAPP is enhancing connections that matter the most.


Interested in making new friends? FriendStart is a platform designed to help connect individuals with shared interests, fostering new friendships and relationships.

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Without a dedicated website, SHY is still making waves. This speed-networking application uses touch-points to connect users within the same industries, or who share the same contacts, creating opportunities for rapid networking and industry connections.

Ampio Ventures

As a venture capital and private equity principals company, Ampio Ventures is fueling the growth of promising startups, providing vital financial and strategic support.

In conclusion, these are some of the many promising startups in private social networking, each offering unique concepts and solutions.

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