Which Spanish E-Learning Startups Are Transforming Education in 2023?

Spain, with its rich history and innovative spirit, is emerging as a hub for e-learning startups. As technology becomes integrated into every aspect of our lives, the demand for online education has surged, with Spain leading the way in creating new platforms and technologies to transform how we learn. From music lessons with your favorite artists via MOTMO, to experiential learning platforms like BeChallenge, companies in Spain are redefining the digital learning landscape.

This article features some of the most intriguing and successful e-learning startups from Spain, focusing on their key attributes and innovation. Our goal is to highlight the depth and breadth of the e-learning sector, showcasing the unique blend of technology, creativity, and educational expertise these companies have to offer.

Whether you are a learner, an educator, or a potential investor, this is your guide to the best e-learning solutions made in Spain.


MOTMO is revolutionizing the way we learn music by offering lessons from favorite artists. Their platform allows learners to engage and understand songs from their favorite music icons. A truly unique approach in the e-learning domain.


BeChallenge takes on a unique approach to education, incorporating real world challenges into classroom learning. Their aims to strengthen the students’ understanding and appreciation of real world issues through experiential learning.


For those wanting to venture into content creation and video marketing, VideoGaga is your go-to platform. They offer online courses to teach and enhance your video content strategy.

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Talent Class

With Talent Class, anyone can learn how to cook, even from the very comfort of their home. The e-learning platform is an excellent resource for those who wish to master the art of cooking.


UpSoftSkills teaches essential soft skills to kids in a fun, gamified way. A great resource for parents who want to instill essential life skills in their children.


Opos is an award-winning company that provides patient monitoring and opioid prescriber compliance solutions. If you’re in the healthcare industry, this e-learning service could be highly valuable.


OYA is a SaaS company making soft skill development part of a tech company’s DNA. The key to a successful team lies in not just hard skills, but also soft skills and culture, which OYA aims to enhance.


Opoland is an online platform offering video courses for preparation for public exams. A great tool for students preparing for competitive exams.


Saluteca is an online health education and consultancy company providing resources for health professionals, caregivers, and family members.


Blurring the lines between reality and digital, Educa360 empowers educators to create virtual classrooms making the learning experience more interactive and engaging.


Go4clic is a social learning platform that improves training performance, achieving over 95% engagement which is truly incredible in the e-learning sector.


BrainsPro provides creative content, online marketing, digital business consulting, and website design services, taking e-learning to the next level.


FounderClass is an e-learning company that helps entrepreneurs launch an internet business. Their platform is a great asset to budding entrepreneurs.

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TooPower catalyzes e-learning by being a reliable resource for educational material and tutorials for a variety of subjects.


WeSmartly serves as a marketplace connecting students, tutors and academies for both online and in-person classes. The platform has over 5000 tutors, offering vast learning opportunities.

These Spanish e-learning companies are truly making a global impact in the way we learn, discovering new horizons for digital education. As the e-learning sector continues to grow and innovate, we look forward to seeing inspiring educational solutions these startups offer for learners worldwide.

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