Which Spanish Startups are Pioneering Blockchain Innovation in 2023?

The Spanish startup scene has been buzzing with activity in recent years, and one sector that has seen significant growth is blockchain technology. This cutting-edge tech is being used to revolutionize industries from gaming to real estate, providing solutions for a more connected and transparent world. Here is a compilation of fifteen of the most innovative and exciting blockchain companies carving out a niche in the Spanish digital landscape.

Blockchain technology has been adopted by varied sectors in Spain — ranging from gaming, finance to real estate. These companies are taking advantage of blockchain’s immutable, secure, and transparent nature to provide fresh, innovative services. In the gaming sector specifically, blockchain technology is disrupting traditional gaming, adding layers of interactivity and new modes of earning.

The real estate industry is also benefitting from blockchain’s unique properties. Blockchain is simplifying the property buying process, providing transparency and speeding up transactions. Here we explore some of these Blockchain startups based in Spain.


Banger is a blockchain-oriented gaming platform offering its users multiple earning opportunities. Available at www.bangergames.com, Banger aims to change the gaming industry by giving players the opportunity to earn while they play.


ZERTIFIER provides practical business solutions using blockchain. They aim to innovate and disrupt traditional sectors by providing secure and efficient solutions.


Fitchin is an integrated gaming community platform connecting esports teams and content creators. Visit them at www.fitchin.gg. They’re harnessing blockchain power to make online gaming more interactive and rewarding.

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Triple O Games

Providing unique game experiences is Triple O Games’ primary focus. This blockchain-enabled gaming startup is set to revolutionize the gaming industry through their innovative games.


Taxicoin, found at www.taxicoin.app, is “the app for getting a taxi that was needed”, taking advantage of blockchain technology to provide secure and efficient taxi services.

Code Contract

Code Contract offers a Warranty as a Service (WaaS) platform automating administrative processes with electronic and legal evidence, leveraging blockchain for enhanced security.


BLOOCK specializes in Ethereum blockchain data management software, data storage, and digital security solutions, aiming to revolutionize digital data management and storage.

Synergy Games

Synergy Games is an independent video game studio that uses blockchain technology to enhance the gaming experience for players.

Trust VC

Investing in blockchain companies and protocols is the main focus of Trust VC. They recognize the potential of blockchain technology and are committed to supporting its growth throughout the world.


Domoblock is the first tokenization platform for high standing real estate projects, leveraging blockchain technology to make real estate transactions transparent and straightforward.


Boorie.ai is driving the development of Autonomous Decentralized Agents, accelerating the advent of intelligent decentralized systems.

Aglaia Capital

Backed assets and alternative investments are the specialties of Aglaia Capital. By leveraging blockchain technology, they provide advisory on token generating events and finance deals.


Blockeniza designs and commercializes Security Tokens as an investment method for companies and promising projects. Visit them at www.blockeniza.com to learn more.


Inkan is a traceability platform that uses blockchain technology to convert images into proofs. Using decentralized mobile and web tools, they offer a unique and reliable solution for data authentication.

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SCHUMPIT is a business consulting firm that delivers m2m communication, blockchain, IOT sensorization, consulting, and AR solutions. They help enterprises to harness new technologies and drive digital transformation. Visit them at www.schumpit.com.

The above-highlighted blockchain startups not only mark the innovation in Spain’s burgeoning blockchain scene, but they also offer a glimpse into the global future of tech startups. They vividly illustrate how blockchain can be applied to streamline processes, enhance security, and create new opportunities across various sectors.

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