Which US-based Augmented Reality Startups are Influencing the Industry Most?

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has emerged as one of the most promising areas of innovation, capturing the attention of startups and tech giants around the globe. This technology blends virtual elements with a real-life environment, making it a paradigm-shifting tool for various industries. The United States, with its progressive tech scene, is home to a robust selection of dynamic AR startups that are making waves in this futuristic arena. Here, we are showcasing 15 exciting AR startups based in the USA, revealing how they are delivering innovative solutions and revolutionizing industries.

From cloud-based virtual workspaces to museum-quality AR art stores, AR technology is finding its place across a diverse range of applications. These startups are harnessing the power of AR, blending the boundaries between the digital and physical world to create immersive, interactive experiences.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the startups and their compelling contributions to the AR universe.


Mytaverse is a cloud-based platform delivering 3D multiplayer virtual and augmented meetings and workspaces. Offering a unique approach to remote work and online collaboration, Mytaverse is truly revolutionizing the future of work.


GMetri is an XR platform which assists businesses in creating, tracking, and deploying solutions for Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality. Their innovative offerings are helping enterprises streamline their operations and transform the way they engage with customers.

Solace Vision

With Solace Vision, 3D creation has become quite easy. Powered by AI and natural language, this platform lets you create virtual objects just by using text, paving the way for more simplified and intuitive design processes.

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3XR is helping brands upgrade their visual product offerings with augmented-reality ready 3D models. This innovative solution greatly enhances the customer shopping experience, offering a more tangible view of the products.


Omnia is a B2B Community Marketplace that fosters a strong connection between AR Creators and Businesses. By providing a social media-like experience, Omnia is making AR more accessible and adaptable for different business needs.


Quadrobee uses AR technology to empower the next generation of designers and engineers. Their solutions enable more immersive and interactive design experiences, driving faster and more efficient outcomes.


Inzio is an automated construction company developing conversion kits and software workflows for concrete forming automation. Their innovative approach combines AR with construction technology, adding a whole new level of efficiency to the field.


Engage with history in an exciting new way with Historik. By using AR technology, Historik brings past events to life, providing an immersive way to learn and engage with history.


Inventive lifestyle technologies are the forte of SALUBATA. This startup blends AR technology with sustainable design, creating products that benefit both people and the environment.


Varlio is an augmented reality art store providing museum-quality prints and posters. This business fuses technology with art, allowing aficionados to enjoy and purchase art in a whole new way.

Hippo Technologies, Inc.

Hippo Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer in the healthcare industry, using AR to bridge the gap between physical and virtual care. The technology enhances healthcare professionals’ ability to overcome barriers of time, distance and training.

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Palmplug produces wearables for spatial computing interactions. By leveraging AR, this startup creates devices that deliver immersive user experiences.


Bitreel is helping businesses extend their in-store experience to the online platform. By using AR, Bitreel transforms e-commerce shopping into a highly interactive and engaging venture.

Coordinate Medical Systems

Coordinate Medical Systems relies on AR for synthetic vision systems to enhance medical imaging. This elevated approach aids in better, safer, and faster patient diagnosis and treatment.


Vossle is a DIY No-Code platform which allows creators to build Web Augmented Reality experiences, Chroma Key Videos and AR Games in under 1 minute. Vossle’s platform simplifies the creation process, making AR more accessible for all.

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