Which US Gambling Startups Are Shaping the Industry’s Future in 2023?

Recently, there’s been an explosion of innovation in the US gambling industry due in part to relaxed regulations, advancements in technology and significant increase in demand, especially for online gaming. As a result, a number of start-ups have emerged to fill this space, offering new experiences for gamblers ranging from innovative wagering platforms to regulatory and compliance solutions. Let’s take a closer look at some of these groundbreaking companies.

These new startups are revolutionizing how consumers engage with sports betting and other gambling activities by developing unique products and services. This guide provides a snapshot of 15 of these innovative startups, detailing who they are and what they do. Each of these startups brings something unique and valuable to the industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned gambler looking for a new platform to try or just a curious observer of the industry, you’re bound to learn something from this overview of the game-changing US gambling start-ups.


Enabling instant and direct-to-consumer micro-betting, Betr introduces instant gratification to sports betting. It’s a fun and exciting way to enhance the sports viewing experience.


Novig is the first high-frequency, commission-free sports betting exchange. This novel platform brings a refreshing innovation to traditional gambling methods by eliminating commission costs.

Huddle Tech Inc.

Huddle Tech Inc. enhances the operations of iGaming operators with their innovative products. They strive to transform how online games are played and managed.

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EDGE Markets

EDGE Markets is dedicated to promoting responsible betting. Its tools are designed to grow the legal sports betting ecosystem, providing a safe and sound environment for users to gamble.

Odds On Compliance

Odds On Compliance is a consulting firm specializing in sports betting, iGaming and gambling compliance. They works on making sure gambling operators comply with legal and regulatory frameworks.

Gaming Intelligence

The AI-driven platform of Gaming Intelligence provides real-time sports data and betting odds. It’s an excellent tool for punters interested in analyzing data before placing wagers.


BroThrow is a peer-to-peer social sports betting platform designed for betting directly with friends. It combines the fun of social interactions with the thrill of betting.

Ultimate Odds

Ultimate Odds offers a Sports Betting Research Mobile App. This resource tool can aid bettors in making smart and informed decisions.

WagerLab – Social Sports Betting

WagerLab is a free peer-to-peer mobile sportsbook. Users can bet with friends, join sports betting fantasy leagues, track results and more on their platform.


Xpoint supplys a critical geolocation compliance solution to the sports betting and iGaming industries worldwide. The solution ensures operators stay within regulatory jurisdictions.

BetPro Group

BetPro Group offers an E-sport Betting Ecosystem. This platform is dedicated to the rapidly growing field of esports betting.

Wynn BET

WynnBET is a casino and sports betting app. Leveraging the strength of the Wynn brand, it provides luxurious online gambling experiences.


SharpLink collaborates with sports leagues, fantasy sports sites and sports media companies to provide innovative technological solutions. Their work enhances the online sports betting landscape.

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OmniView Sports

OmniView Sports is reinventing the sports viewing experience. Their sports viewing app offers an exciting platform to engage with sports betting.


PICK’M, LLC uses music analytics to provide music wagers and stakes, offering an entirely new kind of betting market. Users can purchase and sell music stakes based on their potential increase in value.

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