Which US Robotics Startups Are Pioneering the Industry in 2023?

The United States has long been a hub of innovation, particularly in the realm of technology. The robotics industry in the U.S is revolutionizing fields from healthcare, food and drink, to logistics and construction. They are driving value across an impressive array of sectors, making lives easier, businesses more efficient, and industries more sustainable. Let’s meet some of the interesting robotics startups that are spearheading this exciting revolution.

From delivering pizzas in under five minutes to robots capable of sanitation work, the sheer diversity of the applications of robotics is astonishing. All of these companies are not only significantly boosting their respective sectors but are also contributing to the growth and development of robotics in general, highlighting the unlimited potential of robotics technology.

These 15 U.S-based robotics startups are making notable contributions to their industry, addressing real needs, and designing innovative solutions for an advanced future. Let’s give each of them a closer look.


Muncho is redefining the pizza delivery industry. As unbelievable as it may sound, this robotics startup promises pizza delivered to your door in as little as five minutes! The secret lies in their innovative technology that cooks the pizza en-route to the customer. Currently, Muncho is piloting this service in Philadelphia.

Pipedream Labs

Pipedream Labs is specialized in hyper logistics, providing ground-breaking technologies for underground tunnel and tube works. This robotics startup has certainly thought outside the box and under the ground for that matter!

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As the name suggests, RoboBurger is a robotics startup designing a smart robotic chef machine capable of preparing top-notch burgers.

Slip Robotics

Slip Robotics is set to drastically improve efficiency in the industries of warehousing, logistics, and supply chain with its advanced robotic solutions. An ideal strategic partner for forward-thinking businesses seeking the edge in operational excellence.

Rogue Space Systems

Rogue Space Systems, the masters in outer-space robotics, offers robotic satellite vehicles and subsystems designed for manufacturers, satellite operators, and insurers.

Expper Technologies

Expper Technologies take us into the fascinating world of health-tech with their AI-powered robot – Robin. Robin the Robot is the innovative product of Expper Technologies aimed at transforming the delivery of healthcare.

Simple Homes

Simple Homes, a construction startup, uses a unique panelized construction system to design, manufacture, and assemble homes. This is a perfect example of the robotics industry breaking the barriers of traditional sectors.

Building Machines

Though much of Building Machines operations are currently stealth mode, this robotics startup promises interesting commercial products in the coming days. Stay tuned for updates!

Wonder Robotics

Wonder Robotics specializes in designing strong artificial intelligence for commercial and military drones. It guarantees autonomous and safe flights for all drones, a necessity in today’s fast-paced drone applications.


Biomotum is another interesting player in healthcare technology. Biomotum offers wearable rehabilitation robotics designed for comprehensive and sophisticated care.

Tergeo Technologies

Tergeo Technologies brings sanitation into the robotics realm. This startup develops and implements robotic solutions to sanitation challenges – tasks that are incredibly crucial yet often neglected.

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Ever dreamt of flying? Exovolar is making it a reality. This robotics startup is developing technologies that literally make people fly – like superheroes.

Cobot Nation

Cobot Nation is a robotics company that provides a full-service solution, specifically designed for enterprise-level business applications.

Fusion Robotics

Fusion Robotics is a medical technology company that dives into the realm of surgical robotics. They prove once again that the applications of robotics are limitless.


Adding yet another layer of accessibility to robotics is Argineering. This design-tech company aims to democratize robots for everyone, making it a fascinating player in the robotics industry.

United States, with its groundbreaking startups, is pushing the boundaries of the robotics industry. In doing so, these 15 companies are playing significant roles in creating a more advanced and efficient future. The industry remains a fertile ground for new innovations and technologies. We look forward to seeing more startups step into the robotics realm with their grand ideas.

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