Who are America’s Most Influential Document Preparation Startups in 2023?

Startup culture is an integral part of America’s business landscape. One sector that has been transforming with the influence of numerous new businesses is the “Document Preparation” industry. A profusion of startups are capitalizing on the necessity and potential of catering to different document-related needs. Some are focused on easing the process of storage, while others provide verification, process creation, or enhancement services for all your document needs. Here are 15 compelling document preparation startups based in the United States:

With the increased emphasis on training and implementation of digital records, document preparation companies have become pivotal in the operational efficiency of many businesses. Let’s take an in-depth look at these startups and the unique services they provide that set them apart from the rest.


Kiip is transforming the way people handle their personal records. This platform permits users to store and manage their essential documents securely and effortlessly.


Targetting life science companies, Kivo offers document management and submission orchestration services. It paves the way for streamlined and efficient document operations.

Sustain App

Bringing together a host of digital solutions under one umbrella, Sustain App offers SaaS, Data Reporting, Documentation Tool, Blockchain, and EdTech to cater to its users’ document-related needs.

Version Story

Version Story is a software platform that facilitates easy document comparison and collaboration, thereby enhancing individual and team productivity.

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Able serves as a digital lending platform where users can comfortably access loans, banking information, and even avail of accounting services.


Mockswitch is a developer’s sidekick that aids in domain model designing, documentation, partial mocking, and mock services.

Rush Information Services

Rush Information Services offers a unique service umbrella that includes real estate data retrieval and reporting solutions.

UR Partner

A versatile name in the document preparation domain, UR Partner offers services like worker’s compensation, cost analysis, insurance medical bill review, peer review, and document verification.

SBA Loan Documentation Services

If you are seeking help for business loans, SBA Loan Documentation Services provides comprehensive aid with documentation, closing, and post-closing support along with collateral searches and liquidation assistance.

District Communications

District Communications is a pim processing services provider that also manages photo and document processing in the closeout contracting space.

Black Oak Title

Black Oak Title eases the process of real estate transactions with their title and escrow services.


PushPDF is another software company geared toward document preparation, offering a versatile zapier tool.


Offering a range of services, NJNSA provides assistance with notarial deeds, inspections, audits, and DBA filing services.

Esquire Title & Escrow

Another trusted real estate solution provider, Esquire Title & Escrow offers disbursement of loans, document preparation and insurance settlement services.

Global Healthcare Partners

Global Healthcare Partners supports healthcare operations with a variety of back-office administrative services. They focus on clinical administration, illuminating the linking and value of document preparation in the health sector.

In conclusion, the document preparation space is teeming with innovation. These startups stand as testaments to the evolving nature of the industry and its indelible contribution to the business sector as a whole. Stay tuned, stay updated.

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