Who are Australia’s Most Influential E-Learning Startups in 2023?

We are living in an era where learning is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom. Thanks to the digital revolution, online learning platforms have bridged the gap between learners and educators, making education more accessible and convenient. One of the regions leading this transition towards e-learning is Australia. Today, we will showcase 15 exciting e-learning startups from down under that are making learning more engaging, personalised, and effective.

These startups offer a diverse range of products and services, ranging from cloud-based software for behaviour change, mini open-source tech training courses, online language teaching platforms to educational apps for students. Through innovative technology and creative solutions, they are redefining the way we learn and educate.

Let’s dive in and find out more about these game-changing startups and the impact they are making in the eLearning industry.


First on our list is Elenta. Elenta is a cloud-based software that empowers L&D consultants by motivating behaviour change, ensuring scalability, tracking impact, and demonstrating value. This platform is contributing to the modernization of the e-learning industry in Australia.


Lamno is a groundbreaking platform that provides mini open-source tech training courses. Lamno makes technical learning accessible and easy by offering byte-sized courses that can be understood and completed quickly.

Heidi Health

Heidi Health is another significant player in the e-learning space in Australia. More information on their unique value propositions to the e-learning industry will be made available soon.

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Next up is Edulyte. This platform brings an all-in-one solution for live online teaching, offering frictionless and personalised live classes that mirror the experience of in-person learning.


Designed for students aged 8 to 14, 1Question helps students study and learn curriculum-based topics. The app uses an adroit system of learning that ensures a comprehensive understanding of various subjects.


AIM WA aspires to shape management, leadership, and organizational excellence, not only in Australia but globally. They offer a multitude of courses aimed at improving leadership skills and management capability.


Offering a unique learning approach, Repeda is a spaced learning platform that creates study cards and quizzes instantly while offering personalized review decks.


A platform that deftly connects businesses with mentors globally, Lisnic enables a true digital mentorship experience, fostering growth and learning.

Muso – Play on.

Muso – Play on. is a local Australian e-learning platform dedicated to learning musical instruments. Its digital solutions give everyone the opportunity to learn music from experts.

Training Matcher

Training Matcher, as its name suggests, helps users compare, save, and find the most suitable IT Training Courses out of the many available in the market.


Members is a sought-after platform for managing various associations and clubs. It’s a great online resource to find and connect with various interest groups.

Dr Golly Sleep Program

Specializing in sleep & settling course for kids below 5, Dr Golly Sleep Program has aligned technology and learning to help parents manage their child’s sleeping patterns better.


For those planning to study or work abroad, the A ONE AUSTRALIA EDUCATION GROUP is an all-in-one coaching and service provider. The platform offers seamless preparation for multiple tests and visa documentations.

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Developed specifically for aged and disability support providers, Practi is an online learning solution providing industry-specific knowledge and skills.

Learn to Read

Last but not least is a non-profit organization called Learn to Read. This platform provides tools and strategies to individualize reading lessons efficiently and help children develop their reading skills.

All these startups are leading the way in the Australian E-learning sector, using breakthrough technology and innovative teaching methods to make learning accessible, engaging, and exciting. With their remarkable contributions, we can look forward to a future of learning that is as promising and dynamic as these platforms.

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