Who are Australia’s Top Pioneers in the 2023 Artificial Intelligence Arena?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising industries around the world, and the entrepreneurial startups of Australia are no exception. From healthcare to real estate, AI is being applied in innovative ways to solve complex problems and deliver valuable services. The intersection of cutting-edge technology and startup enthusiasm makes for an exciting climate, ripe with investment possibilities and trailblazing developments. In this article, we showcase 15 of these Australian AI startups, each offering an interesting take on the practical applications of AI.

Pearlii Pty Ltd

Pearlii Pty Ltd is an AI startup that focuses on dental health. Offering free dental check-ups powered by its innovative AI, the company also emphasises on educating the public about dental health. The company is unique in that it donates 50% of its profits to free dental care initiatives.

Cipher Sports Technology Group

Cipher Sports Technology Group combines AI with advanced data analytics to provide valuable insights for users. Their team of data scientists work tirelessly to develop machine learning models that drive the company’s service offerings.


Merging smartphone technology with AI, Smilo.AI provides reliable monitoring and identification services for oral health diseases. Moreover, they offer instant smile design services.


CoTreat operates an AI diagnostics platform targeted specifically at the dentistry sector, proving the high versatility and practicality of AI applications.

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badook AI

Aiming to protect AI models from bad data, badook AI offers services to organizations to ensure the reliability and accuracy of their AI systems.


TACHYON SYSTEMS offers a unique AI application where software engineers can develop software using human natural languages, making the development process more intuitive and less time-consuming.


Committed to transforming the commercial real estate industry, Flow utilizes advanced analytics and AI to offer a unique perspective on property related decisions and operations.


Unmand specializes in technology automation. Their advanced software liberates businesses from mundane, error-prone, and time-consuming tasks.

Telemus AI

Telemus AI provides users with AI solutions through a Software as a Service (SaaS) framework, further expanding the accessibility of AI technology.


At SimpleMarketing.AI, AI is used to simplify the marketing process. The company helps businesses to create relevant marketing content more efficiently and effectively.


Wallace is a construction company that uses AI to design real estate buildings, showcasing the practical applications of AI beyond traditional tech-oriented industries.

The Wellness Program

The Wellness Program uses AI to personalize gym member’s workouts and drive results. This program exemplifies how AI is leading the way in personalized health and fitness.


Psithur uses Graph and AI to showcase leads, prospects, and customers as links on a dynamic map, providing users with comprehensive and easily-readable data visualizations.


Maintain-AI assists in automating pavement and related network assessments to maximize the value of maintenance work and resources, thus highlighting the potential for AI in infrastructure and development.


Canopi is a no-code AI development app, further proving the broadening accessibility of AI technology.

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In conclusion, these Australian AI startups are breaking new ground and reshaping industries with their innovative applications of AI technology. Given this exciting landscape, investors and observers alike should keep a keen eye on these companies and the ways they will continue to disrupt and innovate with AI.

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