Who are Brazil’s Most Influential Information Services Startups in 2023?

The rich landscape of the Information Services industry in Brazil is home to some incredibly innovative startups. They are bringing forward solutions to tackle problems across a range of industries including agriculture, energy, and data storage. Each one of these startups is putting their unique spin on information services, catering to different sectors while producing superior solutions that are setting new standards locally and globally. So, let’s take a look at these marvels of innovation that are transforming the Brazilian and global Information Services industry.

For the uninitiated, Information Services companies offer services that are centered around data handling, processing, storing, and disseminating. These companies incorporate many technological solutions like AI, machine learning, and big data analytics to offer a myriad of services after integrating these technologies into their business model. The services can range from agriculture management and solar energy monitoring to personal training and recruiting solutions. It can also include unique services like traffic fine management and employee vacation planning.

Here we bring you 15 of these innovative startups from Brazil that are leading the charge in different sectors of Information Services industry, each with its unique approach to solving problems and creating value.

An Insight into CAF

CAF is a digital identity platform that uses AI for document verification and digital onboarding solutions, providing an essential tool for companies to shield themselves from fraud.

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Introducing Tarken

Tarken is revolutionizing access to rural credit by connecting producers and input distributors through a reliable and fast platform.

The Innovative SolarZ

SolarZ presents a unique solar plant monitoring system and after-sales management service for photovoltaic integrators.

The Pioneering DRIC

Stepping into the world of data is DRIC, a technological solution for accessible data storage and transmission.

Exploring iTalents

iTalents offers informational technology services from online education to recruiting services for various businesses.

Férias & Co., the Vacation Experts

Férias & Co. brings a unique worker travel platform that involves employers in planning their employees’ rest and vacation time.

A Closer Look at Doppus

Doppus is an online platform facilitating sales of a range of products – from apps and videos to cosmetic products.

AppGas, Your Gateway to Gas Solutions

AppGas is an online platform where consumers can order gas solutions with ease.

Unveiling Accell Solutions

Accell Solutions brings intelligent management of resources like water, electricity, and gas for smart cities.

Discover Service UP

Service Up develops innovative communication software, chatbots, mobile apps, and add-ons for ITSM systems.

Wehandle, the Management Maestros

Wehandle provides third-party management services to a variety of business sectors.

Fresco Labs, Predicting the Future of Food Waste

Fresco Labs is on a mission to eradicate food waste through its predictive software.

The Future of Accounting with Cont.Digital

Cont.Digital is a digital accounting firm that focuses on providing services to micro and small businesses.

Elevagro, Uplifting Agriculture

Elevagro provides insights and courses on a range of farming topics from nematodes to biotechnology and seeds.

Link Multas – Simplifying Management of Traffic Fines and Vehicle debts

Finally, Link Multas is a SaaS platform dedicated to managing traffic fines and vehicle debts.

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