Who are Canada’s Most Influential Service Industry Startups in 2023?

The Canadian service industry is bustling with some groundbreaking startups that are revolutionizing the way we conduct business, manage resources, and make our day-to-day lives more convenient and efficient. These Canadian startups are not only reshaping the face of their respective industries, but also setting new trends on the global platform. Here, we take an overview of some of these interesting service industry startups ranging from energy to technology and environmental services.

Canada has always harbored a culture of innovation, and the startups we are going to discuss are a testament to that. These startups leverage the power of cutting-edge technology to deliver solutions that change the way we do things, offering immense benefits to both the consumers and the businesses. Let’s step into the world of innovative and extraordinary service industry startups that are turning the wheels of change in Canada.

We have dug deep to find the most interesting and technology-driven startups in the service industry. From energy companies to software solution providers, these startups have been selected based on their unique service offerings, potential for growth, and their ability to disrupt the industry norms. Let’s start our journey into the heart of Canadian innovation.

VAE Energy

VAE Energy is a high-performance energy spray designed for immediate use by high performers. It aims to revolutionize the energy product market with its unique proposition.

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Scription has introduced a new way for maintenance and repair companies to offer subscription maintenance plans for commercial and industrial equipment – an innovative solution for businesses in this sector.


Emobily offers a unique platform solution for electric vehicle trading, which envisions to simplify the transition to electric vehicles.

4pi Lab

4pi Lab is a company that’s developing state-of-the-art technology to allow for the detection of very small geo-location accuracy.


Mealful delivers variety-intensive and budget-friendly meal plans to eliminate the hassles of daily cooking – an innovative approach towards meal planning services.


Deleezy took a shot at revolutionizing the delivery service industry with its on-demand last-mile delivery service.


Sonomad is affecting major changes in the insurance industry with its innovative insurance solutions.

Maamigin Environmental & Relations

Maamigin Environmental & Relations, a game-changing Indigenous Environmental Management company, sets a benchmark in the field of environmental management.


InWork360 bridges the gap between employers and job seekers by simplifying the entire hiring process, thereby changing the face of recruitment services.

Olbia Software

Olbia Software triumphs in the cloud-based technology industry with its innovative approach to software solutions.


Deeleeo, as a tech-based, on-demand crowdshipping delivery service for businesses and consumers, presents an innovative approach to delivery services.


RECEIPT DEPOT provides an innovative bookkeeping solution for recording, storing, and reporting every detail of your business transactions.


GeoVerra is a geospatial and mapping company that provides land survey services to various industries.

Drone Des Champs Inc.

Drone Des Champs Inc. brings innovative drone-based products & services to the farming and environmental industry.

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SenseNet is a tech company that provides data-driven solutions for various IoT applications, with a focus on early wildfire detection.

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