Who are China’s Most Influential Semiconductor Startups Reshaping Tech Industry?

The semiconductor industry is booming worldwide, bringing about innovations in the tech world that influence almost every aspect of our lives. China, being one of the global leaders in this industry, houses several innovative startups championing new paths in semiconductor technology. In this article, we delve into some of the aforementioned Chinese startups to appreciate their contributions to the industry.

The Chinese semiconductor industry has been rapidly evolving, with startups developing technologies in various niches such as microprocessors, chips, IP R&D, or integrated circuits. These startups, each with its unique focus, are contributing towards strengthening China’s position as a leading player in the global semiconductor scene and are an integral part of China’s push towards semiconductor independence.

Here we compile a list of 15 noteworthy startups & companies, each bringing something unique to the semiconductor table. While some have not yet launched their websites, information about them can be found on various platforms online.

Yuze Semiconductor

Yuze Semiconductor is known for being a research and development manufacturer of N-type solar monocrystalline silicon rods and silicon wafers helping fuel the semiconductor market in China. They are making an impact on renewable energy in the semiconductor sector with their silicon-based products.


AkroStar, a semiconductor firm specializes in advanced semiconductor IP R&D and services. Their focus on intellectual property and research and development places them at the forefront of technological advancement in the sector.

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HjMicro is championing servers’ efficiency with the development of higher efficiency and an easier deployment server processor (CPU) chips based on the ARM architecture. HjMicro’s advanced processor chips are making computing more robust and efficient.

Starshine Semiconductor

Starshine Semiconductor focuses its operations on the development of RF front-end filters and modules. While they do not currently have a website, their advancements in Radio Frequency technology are praiseworthy.


HAAWKING engages in R&D of industrial control microprocessor and special chips for machine vision & graphic image processing, thereby aiding industries to have precise control over their processes and enhancing the quality of their output.

Dixin Gravity Technology

Dixin Gravity Technology, a chip design company, is focused on developing semiconductor integrated circuits and chips explicitly designed for 5G fields, accelerating the 5G revolution worldwide.

Shenliu Microintelligence

Shenliu Microintelligence works towards the design of domestic independent controllable GPU chips, contributing to the robust growth of graphics technology in China.

Qianjing Semiconductor

Qianjing Semiconductor, a developer of third-generation semiconductor materials, is pushing the boundaries of semiconductor technology with its innovative material developments.


Ganext is known to provide gallium nitride devices and system design solutions from 30W to 10KW, offering a wide range of power solutions for various industries.

Qinghai Lihao

Qinghai Lihao engages in the process technology research and development, production, sales and related supporting new energy business. Their innovations in process technology are noteworthy.


Isabers is a semiconductor heterogeneous integration technology company, breaking new ground in the semiconductor industry with its integration technology.

Zheta Technology

Zheta Technology offers manufacturing digital transformation services to help manufacturing companies complete intelligent upgrades, enhancing efficiency and productivity in the process.

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Qingxin Technology

Qingxin Technology, a semiconductor automation equipment developer, is steering the industry towards increased automation, reducing human errors and boosting production speed.


ATAPEX has a key focus on the research and development, manufacturing, and supporting services of high-precision metal masks. They are helping to enhance the durability and reliability of semiconductor products.

Singerno Microelectronics

Singerno Microelectronics, a digital-analog mixed-signal chip design company, is contributing to the semiconductor industry’s overall growth with their high-quality chip designs.

These startups and companies, while strictly linked to China, offer a glimpse of the future trends in the global semiconductor industry. As these companies evolve, we are expected to witness several innovations transforming the way technology interacts with our daily lives.

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