Who Are Dominating Japan’s Software Startup Scene in 2023?

Japan, a nation renowned for its cutting-edge technology, plays host to a number of promising startups, particularly in the software industry. With their innovative services tailored to various businesses, these companies represent the dynamic spirit of Japan’s technological landscape. Here at StartupBubble.news, we aim to provide insight and highlight some of the interesting software startups from the land of the rising sun that are making a splash in their respective fields.

The startups we will be discussing are diverse, ranging from those offering digital consultation services to those developing technologies aimed at combatting climate change and improving communicative business fluency. Each one brings a unique solution to the table to cater to specific industry needs, showcasing the creativity and ingenuity of Japan’s tech scene. If you’re fascinated by world-leading innovations, then these Japanese software companies are unquestionably worth keeping an eye on.

Here, we will introduce fifteen such companies, offering a brief bio for each, along with a link to their website for those interested in exploring more about their services. Welcome to the future of software technology, shaped by these groundbreaking startups.


ROUTE06 is a top-notch software company that specializes in DX consulting, digital product development, and enterprise software services. Operating from Japan, they leverage their expertise in software to help enterprises streamline their operations and improve efficiency.


With their cloud-based platform, Flyle is revolutionizing product management by enhancing productivity and creativity in product development. Their software service is a testament to how technology can facilitate smoother business operations.

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Bringing valuable innovation to proposal improvements, Eitoss has developed the cloud-based solution “Cayzen”. This tech company shows how software can be utilized intelligently to simplify business endeavors.


Ond develops software and systems that calculate supply chain emissions whilst offering consultation services related to climate change risks. Their work bridges the gap between software technology and environmental sustainability.

HULIX Technologies

Known for their creative solutions, HULIX Technologies specializes in the development, construction, and sales of human flow space analysis platforms. Their software is utilized in various sectors to manage complex tasks efficiently.


Tanomu is a next-generation order management system that uses modern technology to manage orders between restaurants and food wholesalers, either through a PC or smartphone.

Log build

Specializing in construction management, Log build uses avatar robots and VR photos to provide a platform for remote management of construction sites. It’s a prime example of how technology can revolutionize traditional industries.


HCMJ is a sought-after company specializing in software development in the medical industry. Their services are integral in enabling healthcare providers to improve efficiency and patient care.

Woven Planet

Committed to providing safer mobility options, Woven Planet develops technologies designed to achieve zero casualties. They’re playing a crucial role in revolutionizing the transportation sector using software technology.


In the field of finance and asset management, VestOne stands tall by developing and operating optimal system solutions for financial institutions and asset management firms. Additionally, they offer regulatory support services.

Tokyo6 Entertainment

Tokyo6 Entertainment harnesses the power of software to plan and produce voice synthesis software. Their work is stirring revolutions in the entertainment industry.

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Native English Institute

Centred on improving communication, Native English Institute develops a data-driven solution proven to enhance communicative business fluency. They are reshaping digital language learning and communication technology.

Silva Compass

Addressing the medical industry’s needs, Silva Compass provides application and support systems that streamline medical operations, transforming the way healthcare providers interface with technology.


Bringing AI technology to the scientific community, Onikle is a Preprint Search Platform using AI that helps researchers find relevant scientific literature for their work.

Unicast Robotics

Unicast Robotics operates on a subscription model, providing various service robots designed to assist customers. This aligns with the rising trend of integrating robots in customer service to enhance experiences and improve efficiency.

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