Who Are India’s Most Influential Electric Vehicle Startups in 2023?

India is propelling towards an electric future at a fast pace. Innovations led by startups are paving the way for the increase in the availability of electric vehicles and associated services. From electric two-wheeler manufacturing companies to electric vehicle network providers, these startups are writing a new chapter in India’s transport history. The adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) will not only revolutionize the concept of mobility but will also contribute constructively towards reducing carbon emissions. Here, we’ve curated a list of 15 pioneering Electric Vehicle startups from India that are helping accelerate this transition.

These companies range from electric bike manufacturers to firms offering EV charging solutions, from those developing state-of-the-art technology structures to startups focused on future energy solutions. Each has found an innovative approach to address the various challenges facing electric mobility, such as charging station availability, battery life, cost, and efficient energy use, and are thereby catalyzing the EV revolution in India.

Below, let’s delve into each of these startups more specifically, exploring their unique offerings and contributions to this emerging and dynamic Indian EV market.

Revamp Moto

Revamp Moto is revolutionizing the EV industry by providing electric bikes built on modular utility platforms that are connected, reliable, and built to adapt. They are at the forefront of creating EV solutions that can be customized to a range of applications.

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Statiq is an EV charging network that allows customers to find the closest charging station, book a slot, and pay online, making it user-friendly & efficient.

Battery Smart

Battery Smart provides an advanced battery-swapping network that provides Lithium-ion batteries for electric two and three-wheelers, making the EV journey smoother and hassle-free for the users.


Matter is a technology company providing energy storage and EV solutions and products, helping to store and utilize energy more efficiently.

Revolt Motors

Revolt Motors is making a big splash in the electric bike market, offering automotive solutions that are competitively priced and feature-rich.


Chargeup provides a battery swapping network that eliminates long charging hours and cost problems by offering a unique charging solution.


Kazam is an IoT-based Charging Station provider that provides practical solutions for EV charging needs.

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility is an EV subsidiary of Tata Motors that is making significant headway in India’s EV market with its robust product lineup.


eBikeGo designs world-class electric mobility solutions that are transforming how people commute, offering sustainable solutions.

Corrit Electric

Corrit Electric is a cutting-edge EV manufacturing firm, focused on developing reliable and practical EV solutions suitable for Indian roads.

GreenCell Mobility

GreenCell Mobility offers environmentally friendly e-mobility solutions that are cost-effective and cater to on-demand shared mobility needs.

e-TRNL Energy

e-TRNL Energy has developed groundbreaking battery technology that can enhance the longevity and efficiency of EVs.


goegonetwork provides a complete EV charging network that combines engagement, rewards, and adoption through a combination of online and offline channels.

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Hop Electric

Hop Electric is a new energy automotive company, driving the EV revolution in India with their electric scooters and bikes.

BluSmart Mobility

BluSmart Mobility is an electric shared smart mobility platform providing efficient, affordable, intelligent, and sustainable transportation.

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