Who Are India’s Top Influential Property Management Startups in 2023?

With the digital transformation wave in India, property management as an industry is revolutionizing at a fast pace. Start-ups are emerging and disrupting the market with innovative solutions. They are redefining property management by incorporating technology to simplify, make profitable, and provide a seamless experience for customers. This article showcases fifteen such innovative property management start-ups in India, which are worth watching out for.

These start-ups offer an extensive range of services from property leasing and selling, facility services, coworking spaces, real estate advisory, to online rental platform. With their unique business models and user-friendly interfaces, these start-ups have brought in a substantial shift in the traditional property management landscape.

Let’s take a closer look at these start-ups and understand their offerings, operations, and the value that they bring into the property management industry in India.


Landeed is a proptech startup that offers a property title search engine for real estate owners, agents, developers and legal advisors. In the realm of property management, it is an invaluable resource with its enormous database and precise information.


ODWEN, is an innovative platform that can be rightly referred to as the Airbnb for small warehouses. This platform brings warehouse owners and clients under one roof, further facilitating and simplifying the entire process.


Settl. is a technology-driven accommodation platform providing a convenient and high-quality living experience. From shared to private living spaces, this start-up has indeed made finding and renting spaces an effortless task.

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Zapkey operates as a proptech and home sales guarantee platform. It is a one-stop solution for real estate transactions, providing a secure and transparent platform for both buyers and sellers.

Da Alohas

Da Alohas finds a unique way for individuals to own a second home in India. Its property management offerings are definitely a trendsetter in the real estate industry.


Inspacco is a service technology platform that focuses on maintaining and upgrading facilities. Their services are a boon for property and facilities managers and for those who seek quality maintenance services.


YesssWorks operates coworking spaces for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and enterprises. Its user-friendly space booking platform provides a range of office spaces around the city, catering to various budgets and needs.

Dreams Redeveloped

Dreams Redeveloped is a unique platform for the redevelopment ecosystem, providing a structured and simplified process along with easy documentation.

Veritas Realty

Veritas Realty is a commercial real estate company that offers retail, restaurant, and medical real estate services. With their extensive knowledge and exceptional services, they transform the client’s vision into reality.


BrokoNet, formerly known as RhemTech, follows a B2B2C business model and provides technology solutions for Micro and Small Scale Real estate advisors. This platform simplifies and manages property transactions digitally.

Prelease Property

Prelease Property is a leading online portal for finding and investing in pre-leased commercial properties. It is a trusted platform for investors looking for income-generating assets.

Emerald Nests

Emerald Nests promises to keep your dreams affordable and within reach, diligently helping clients in finding their dream homes.


Housally is an online property management and rental platform that offers an effective alternative to tenancy deposit. The start-up provides a comprehensive set of tools for property management.

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Owner and Tenant

Owner and Tenant is a property management company providing reliable, transparent, and affordable services to bring multiple rental and PMS under one single umbrella.


Sellanyhome is a real estate brokerage technology company that provides an online platform for selling and buying real estate assets. They bring transparency, convenience, and assurance in every transaction.

Prioritizing technology and customer-centric approach together, these start-ups are navigating the property management industry towards a more refined future. They are a testament to the idea that persistence, innovation, and technology can make even the most complex processes simpler. Watch out for them as they continue to disrupt and innovate the property management scene in India.

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