Who are Influential Game-Changers in USA’s mHealth Startup Landscape?

Healthcare, much like most of the world sectors, has evolved to incorporate technology in its delivery. mHealth, or mobile health technology, is becoming a fundamental part of this revolution, with companies creating innovative solutions to better service providers and patients alike. The rise has seen an influx of startups, particularly in the United States, sparking a health tech revolution. Here, we showcase fifteen of these mHealth startups, providing insight into their businesses and the transformative work they’re undertaking in the United States health industry.

The mHealth industry is a dynamic field, harnessing the opportunities provided by emerging technologies to enhance healthcare service delivery. The rise of mobile technology implies that healthcare is ever more accessible and efficient. In such an industry, innovation, revolution, and speed are crucial. It is in this context that these mHealth startups from the United States are striving to make a significant impact.

From revolutionary platforms to biotechnologies, this list of startups presents a mosaic that depicts the broad range of possibilities and ambitions within the mHealth sector. Each startup brings a unique proposition to the table, offering innovative solutions to address health issues. Considering the diversity and potential of these startups, it’s clear that the future for mHealth services in the United States is indeed positive.

Nomi Health

First on our list is Nomi Health. Focused primarily on reducing the cost of healthcare, Nomi Health offers a direct health solution for employers and patients. They have used technology to simplify the delivery of healthcare and in the process, make it more affordable for end-users.

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Next, we have AcuityMD. Offering a unique platform aimed at commercializing and improving medical devices with data, AcuityMD utilizes the power of data analytics to create smarter healthcare solutions.


With an approach focused on our furry friends, BetterVet, provides home visits and telehealth services for veterinary needs. A concept which is a testimony that mHealth is not limited to people alone, but extends to cover the needs of our pets as well.

Equa Health

Incorporating meditation in healthcare, Equa Health‘s smartphone application aims at promoting good health through mindful practices. Their digital product is indicative of the breadth of mHealth going beyond conventional medicine to include wellness practices.

JOGO Health

JOGO Health is focused on developing digital therapeutics for neuromuscular conditions. The biotech startup proves the vast potential of mHealth solutions to revolutionize treatment procedures for patients.


Offering mental health accessibility worldwide, especially for Spanish speakers, is Selia. The startup pairs individuals with certified mental health professionals for video and in-person consultations.


PERSOWN gives a distinctive spin on diagnostic solutions by delivering them through a smartphone app. This family health solution demonstrates how mobile technology can be harnessed to make healthcare accessible anywhere and everywhere.


Focused on empowering transgender individuals, Euphoria.LGBT creates tech solutions that cater specifically to those navigating through gender transition. A stark portrayal how startups are using technology for creating inclusive care.

Safe Check

Providing transformative wellness tools at your fingertips is Safe Check via its Wellness Wallet, ensuring health monitoring and care is readily available when you need it.

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TAMP caters to the needs of the providers, upskilling doctors in digital health innovation. An excellent portrayal of mHealth’s impact on the patient-end and care provider side of healthcare.

Anebulo Pharmaceuticals

Anebulo Pharmaceuticals is tackling issues relating to both cannabinoid overdose and substance addiction, utilizing biotechnology to develop novel solutions.


Through its telemedicine platform, Docus connects hospitals with top doctors, emphasizing the potential of mHealth in creating continuous and collaborative healthcare systems.

Wellward Health

Monitoring wellbeing and detecting risks is the specialty of Wellward Health. Their behavioral health platform is specifically designed to personalize care.

Small Joys

Addressing pediatric behavioral health challenges is Small Joys. Their startup reveals the capacity of custom-made solutions that cater to a highly specific demographic.


Finally, we have knowRX, a cloud-based digital healthcare platform designed for proper therapeutic care, proving once more, that mHealth solutions can be used in diverse healthcare domains.

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