Who Are Kuala Lumpur’s Most Influential FinTech Startups in 2023?

Kuala Lumpur, the vibrant capital of Malaysia, is home to a burgeoning FinTech scene, with innovative startups flourishing in the city. The startups are leveraging Malaysia’s tech-savvy population, vibrant economy, and forward-thinking regulatory landscape to make a significant impact in various areas of finance – from payments and lending to insurance and blockchain solutions. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at fifteen FinTech startups and companies from Kuala Lumpur that are redefining the financial landscape.

CHIP – Better Payment & Business Solutions

CHIP is making e-commerce more accessible for individual and business merchants. Through their online platform, merchants can accept payments and grow their revenue at any time, from anywhere.


Payd is creating innovative financial products that allow ordinary Malaysians to participate more fully in the country’s thriving economy. You can learn more about them at their website.


MADCash runs an initiative that provides micro-funds to women who need a financial boost to start or upgrade a micro-business. This effort has surely left a significant impact on women entrepreneurs. Visit their website for more information.


Bjak is dedicated to making financial services affordable and sustainable for people in ASEAN. Explore more about their work at their website.


With its supply chain financing platform, Fynance.io provides businesses with the option to pay later, contributing to thier financial health.

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Finory, the first credit card management app in Malaysia, aids users in saving money. You can find more about this clever initiative at their website.


KALE TECHNOLOGY is a FinTech company that has contributed to shaping the Malaysian financial technology scene.


Pantas provides an e-invoicing platform that not only streamlines billing and payment but also offers accessible financing. Find more about their services at their website.

Versa Asia

Versa, a digital cash management platform, exists to turn stagnant cash into profit-making potential through return rates. Visit their website to know more.

Karbon Hero

Karbon Hero is working toward democratizing the creation of carbon credits to harness the actions of individuals for sustainable climate action. You can learn more about their initiatives at their website.


Tide offers 360-degree views of financial information on a single dashboard, simplifying financial management for the users. Visit their website to explore their services.

iLyF – Personalised Insurance for Drivers

iLyF is a mobile application that allows drivers to compare, buy, and manage their insurance seamlessly using telematics. Learn more about their personalized insurance services at their website.


Haven makes crypto accessible for businesses. With Haven, organizations can manage their crypto funds with coworkers and get started in minutes. Learn more at their website.

Jewel Digital Ventures

Jewel Digital Ventures creates and incubates digital financial solutions. Visit their website to find out more about their work.


JomSettle is a fintech platform that enables businesses and individuals to make payments for virtually any expense via their credit card. Visit their website to explore their services.

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