Who Are Mexico’s Most Influential FinTech Startups Reshaping Finance in 2023?

Financial technology is rapidly gathering momentum, transforming the way businesses operate and individuals manage their financial affairs around the globe. As a result, several countries have taken the initiative to provide the most robust environment for fintech startups, with Mexico among the leaders in Latin America. This article introduces you to 15 remarkable Mexican fintech startups who are making significant strides in revolutionizing the financial sector.

Mexico has long been a hub for budding entrepreneurs, particularly within the fintech industry. Traditional banking’s limitations, combined with a robust mobile penetration and a youthful population hungry for innovative financial solutions, has created a fertile ground for the rapid growth of fintech startups in the country. So let’s take a look at some of the exciting fintech companies representing the future of finance in Mexico.

From instant salary access and personalized insurance to innovative financial services and cryptocurrency investment platforms, the variety of solutions these companies are offering is stunning. And it isn’t just the broad range of services that impress, but also the resourcefulness and creativity of the approaches taken to solve specific financial challenges in their local market.


minu is a fintech startup committed to enhancing the financial health of Mexican workers. By providing access to their already worked salary, minu eliminates the waiting period for payday; workers can now get paid whenever they need it.


Plerk is another fascinating fintech startup providing banking solutions for employees, which includes additional perks and benefits. The all-in-one nature of their service makes financial transactions more seamless and pleasurable for employees.

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Designed for millennial and GenZ urban demographics, Zenda.la offers customizable insurance packages that fit into the lifestyle and preferences of their users. A significant step toward personalizing insurance to individual needs.


Monto introduces flexibility into the rigid salary payment structure. Through their mobile application, workers can access their earned wages before payday.


Focused on financial wellness, Uellbee offers an impressive suite of services including debt refinancing, personal financial management tools, and savings programs.


In LATAM, where banking services are not fully accessible to a significant population, tech startup Techreo offers a mobile solution that brings financial services to the underbanked.


Levo‘s app allows anyone, regardless of their level of investment knowledge, to become a profitable investor. This fintech simplifies the investment process, breaking down entry barriers for newcomers.

Rebel Dividends

Combining the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies and the profitability of dividends, Rebel Dividends offers an online platform for investors to earn regular dividends on their cryptocurrency investments.


A SaaS company with payment processing capabilities, Neivor facilitates seamless financial transactions for residential and multifamily buildings.

Mi Compa

Designed to make financial services accessible for the underserved, Mi Compa uses the power of chatbots and omnichannel communication to enhance financial inclusion.


Klopp aims to redefine the financial experience from the ground up. This startup brings a fresh approach to common financial processes, making them more user-friendly.


Tienditapp leverages fintech to empower mom and pop stores. Through their B2B super-app, small-scale businesses can source products and enjoy innovative fintech solutions.

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Adelántalo offers quick payments for the unbanked truckers in LATAM, providing a financial solution to this often overlooked demographic.


Dubbed as the “Rocket Mortgage for LatAm,” Kredi simplifies the process of property financing in Latin America, making dreams of homeownership more attainable.


Wrabbit taps into the potential of artificial intelligence to educate people with no crypto experience about wise investment decisions in the burgeoning world of cryptocurrencies.

Each of these Mexican fintech startups has established distinct value propositions, reflecting the diversity and needs of the market. They collectively illustrate the potential of fintech to change the financial landscape in Mexico and are worth watching as they continue to innovate and grow.

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