Who Are Mexico’s Most Influential Startups Transforming the AI Industry?

Mexico has been showing remarkable growth in the technology sector, especially when it comes to startups in artificial intelligence (AI). From biotechnology, healthcare to e-commerce and human resources, Mexican AI startups are solving a vast array of global challenges and opening new opportunities for growth and innovation. This article aims to showcase several exciting and innovative companies in the AI sector that are making a mark in Mexico and beyond. Let’s dive into each of these companies and explore how they are changing the landscape of technology and business with their unique AI solutions.

Our focus is on the companies that are utilizing AI creatively to develop new services and products, streamline various processes, and cater to the needs of their target market in amazing ways. Several of these startups are gaining national and international recognition for their innovative work in AI. Their potential has attracted various investors who foresee exponential growth in the AI industry in Mexico and around the globe.

These resilient companies are continuously adapting to the rapidly changing technological environment, placing Mexico among the leading nations in AI development. The range of these startups is as diverse as the country itself. From improving the sustainability of shrimp farming to enhancing human capacities with bionic limbs, these companies embody the versatile capabilities of AI.

Atarraya Inc

Atarraya Inc is taking sustainability to the next level. In their quest to make shrimp the most sustainable, accessible, and nutritious animal protein source for the world, the company uses Biotech, AI and Automation. They marry technology with environmental consciousness, revolutionizing the way we choose and consume our food sources.

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Pulsar aims to empower small and mid-sized manufacturers with real-time productivity monitoring and analytics. By applying AI technology, they are providing SMEs with productivity insights that were previously accessible only to large companies.


Mexican startup Hitch is transforming the recruitment processes with their tech-enabled and data-driven platform. By introducing AI into talent acquisition, they essentially bridge the gap of lack of data in hiring suitable talent, thereby improving efficiency and effectiveness in recruitment.


PROSPERiA, an MIT Media Lab spinoff, targets the early detection and treatment of chronic diseases. Combining their tech advancements with their deep desire to make a social impact, their work is revolutionizing healthcare in Mexico and beyond.


An innovative startup called DrOwl is empowering people to make data-driven healthcare decisions. Their platform provides the necessary tools that allow individuals to better manage their health.


Kankun.io uses AI to develop websites for their clients, helping them quickly find information within several rapidly expanding verticals. Their AI-driven approach provides extremely effective and efficient solutions to the increasing demands of web navigation.


EnviTrace combines machine learning and AI techniques to create innovative solutions enhancing business operations. The company offers advanced AI/ML technologies for a diverse range of applications.

Habits AI

Habits AI is addressing public health issues at scale by using AI to change behavior. This community wellbeing platform provides practical, AI-powered programs that help people develop healthier habits and lifestyles.


Vitazi.ai has developed an AI platform that helps prevent diabetic blindness. Their ground-breaking product showcases the potential of AI in tackling some of the world’s most pressing health issues.

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Biogrip is looking towards the future with their development of bionic artificial limbs to enhance human capacities. By merging human requirements with AI technology, they are redefining boundaries in the field of prosthetic development.


Codifin is addressing the shortage of software engineers by automating the processes of attracting, selecting, and training the right profiles. Their solutions are helping to streamline the tech industry and meet its growing demand for skilled workers.


iVentas is a SaaS that uses data science, your team, and the power of AI to help SMEs win more sales opportunities. By combining these components, they are making it easier than ever for small businesses to succeed in a competitive market.


Corteza.ai provides AI consultancy and outsourcing services. They are helping businesses utilize AI technology, thus strengthening the integration of AI into various business processes.

Hello Melon

Hello Melon uses artificial intelligence to track nutritional requirements. With their revolutionary platform, they aim to transform the way people manage their dietary and nutritional needs.

SEDLAXAR Technologies

SEDLAXAR Technologies offers inventory automation software for SME retailers. Their product, based on the SaaS B2B model, is designed to make inventory management easier and more efficient with the help of AI.

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