Who Are Riga’s Most Influential Software Startups Shaping 2023?

The small, Baltic nation of Latvia has emerged as a hotbed for innovative software startups. The capital city of Riga, in particular, has been the hub of this technological revolution. Today, we put the spotlight on this vibrant ecosystem in our aim to connect you with some of the most promising software companies from Riga, Latvia.

These enterprises are showing incredible innovation and prowess, creating software solutions that extend across diverse industries. With focuses on AI technology, automation, recruitment, health tech and much more, these startups are at the cutting edge. Let’s delve into these trailblazing firms and unravel what makes them special.

Being part of the European Union, Riga boasts of an educated workforce, a high standard of living, and robust digital infrastructure, making it an ideal place for startups. Here are 15 commendable software companies operating out of Riga:


CopyMonkey.AI is a firm that creates content for e-commerce platforms utilizing cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies. This startup is an example of how Software technology can revolutionize the e-commerce market.


At FORKNAV , they strive to improve warehouse and production floor logistics with their automation solutions for forklift operations. This innovation promises to drastically enhance efficiency in logistics and delivery.


Hyperjob offers a state-of-the-art recruitment SaaS for hunting scarce talent. Their dynamic platform is aiming to streamline and simplify recruitment processes and talent acquisition.

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Inflact uses an Instagram bot powered by AI for promotional and marketing purposes. The advanced bot technology allows businesses to target their audience more effectively, creating a more engaging user experience.

Suhona AI

The pioneers at Suhona AI are improving healthcare with their software and hardware solutions, showcasing another crucial industry where AI is making a significant impact.

Stream Dream

Stream Dream is a social live media platform designed specifically for creators, demonstrating how the software industry is catering to the rise of online content creators.


The dedicated team at Ardora has created a digital assistant to help those looking after dementia patients. With such an initiative, Ardora is using software to bring a positive impact on healthcare.


XHEERO aims to assist companies unlock their full potential. Their solutions and consulting services are designed to guide businesses to go beyond conventional scopes.


enot.ai has developed tools for AI developers to compress & accelerate neural networks for any hardware, helping improve the performance of AI-based applications across the board.


The Bordio productivity platform is changing the game for managing tasks, events, to-do lists, and more, promising to bring a level of ease and organization into people’s lives.

Exponential Technologies

Exponential Technologies has created an AI-driven design experimentation software that allows users to conduct experiments and carry out data analysis, signifying the union of AI with research methodologies.


Fixtender is a financial management platform designed to streamline the financial aspects of construction projects, showcasing how software can simplify complex processes in the industry.

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Ants & Apps

The innovators at Ants & Apps have developed an iPaaS to connect and automate web applications, promising to deliver a new level of web app integration and efficiency.


Typbot is a conversational customer onboarding and marketing automation platform for fintech and insurtech companies, making for another ingenious invention in the Fintech and Insurtech sector.

Spheroid Revolution

The groundbreaking startup Spheroid Revolution, has developed a 3D Bioprinter and software to upgrade the construction of bioprinted tissues. This has the potential to revolutionise the medical industry.

The startups listed above demonstrate how entrepreneurs in Riga are leveraging software to bring about radical changes in various industries. The city’s software startups are building innovative products that will shape the future, signaling Riga’s ascendance in the technology world.

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