Who are South Korea’s Game-Changing Service Industry Startups in 2023?

South Korea, known for its technology and innovation, is home to several promising Service Industry startups. These enterprises span across various sectors including fintech, housing rental, health fitness, pet care and others, all thriving in the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem offered by the country. In this article, we introduce to you fifteen such startups that are making their mark in South Korea’s service industry.

These startups offer innovative solutions to everyday problems, standing out in their respective fields. Their success stories are not just about technology and business, but also about how they have addressed real-world issues and impacted people’s lives. These startups embody the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, inspiring the next generation of startup enthusiasts.

From financial services to rental housing, fitness equipment, body measurement solutions, pet beauty, car rentals, online food products, hobby classes, business solutions, furniture, legal services, startup accelerators, ticketing services to car wash services; the spectrum is diverse. Now, let’s delve into the distinct features of these startups and their offerings in detail.


CHAI is a financial services provider in South Korea. Wanted in the service industry, CHAI provides a seamless and robust financial infrastructure for businesses who wish to offer their customers a convenient payment experience.

2. 33M2

33M2 is a web-based housing rental platform that aims to simplify the process of finding and renting an accommodation. This startup meets the housing needs of various people in South Korea.

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3. Cardio Health

In the domain of fitness, Cardio Health integrates IoT fitness equipment with metaverse, gaming, and exercise simulations, creating a comprehensive fitness platform locally known as Cardio HUB.


AIVAR‘s mobile application is groundbreaking in its offering of body measurement solutions, making the personal health and fitness journey more precise and personalized.


Another fitness startup, BUNNIT offers health and wellness solutions by providing comprehensive physical workout sessions to its users.

6. PetEasy

PetEasy runs an innovative platform named GoPet, catering to the beauty needs of pets and helping pet owners offer the best care for their furry friends.

7. Vancar

Vancar is a service industry startup offering convenient car rental services. It simplifies the process of renting a car and provides a range of cars to choose from.

8. PerMeal

Online food products company, PerMeal offers a variety of wholesome food supplies to meet the diverse dietary needs of customers.

9. Mocha Class

Mocha Class is a unique startup that offers both online and offline hobby classes covering various topics, providing an engaging learning experience.


Aiming at business growth, IT SNOWBALL provides an array of services from concept development, planning, testing, to launching solutions.

11. Artsark

Artsark is a home decoration startup, known for manufacturing premium quality sofas incorporating Kolon genuine chamois alpha and the best of interior materials.


In the legal domain, IPLAB assists global companies in safeguarding their intellectual property rights, offering robust IP solutions.

13. Next Challenge Foundation

Next Challenge Foundation is reshaping the startups’ ecosystem by providing acceleration and mentorship to budding entrepreneurs.

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14. SafeTicket

SafeTicket specializes in ticketing services and provides secure brokerage of ticket transactions.

15. SeChain

Last but not the least, SeChain, an application making car wash service available on fingertips.

In conclusion, startups in South Korea’s service industry are making major strides in their respective fields and offer innovative and practical solutions to real-world issues.

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