Who Are Spain’s Most Influential Property Management Startups in 2023?

Spain, due to its panoramic landscapes and balmy weather, has a thriving real estate industry. A vital arm of this industry and driving its digital transformation is the field of Property Management. A combination of startups and established businesses are making significant strides in the Spanish real estate market. They are leveraging emerging technologies to not only simplify and streamline services but put a distinctive emphasis on customer experience. Here’s a closer look at some of these companies that are changing Spain’s Property Management landscape.

Property management in Spain has necessitated companies to utilize advancements in technology to keep up with the evolving customer needs. Established companies are seeking help from startups to streamline their operations, cut costs, and increase revenue. It’s amazing to see how these startups are revolutionizing property management, making it simpler, more efficient, and customer-friendly.

In the spirit of highlighting the innovation in property management industry, we take a closer look at 15 startups and companies in Spain that deserve recognition for their contribution to growing the industry. Sit back and let’s delve into the world of Spanish property management startups & companies.

Enso Spaces

Enso Spaces is a human-centric company that targets visionary people seeking continuous life improvements. This community is about connecting people, ideas, and fostering a collaborative environment. Their innovations in property management have positioned them as a renowned name in the Spain real estate industry.

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Book A Corner

Book A Corner is a SaaS company that provides ease to landlords and brokers and helps them manage and lease assets in the simplest, secure and online manner. It is changing traditional ways of asset management by facilitating digitization.


Villae is here to simplify your luxury real estate experience. This Spain-based PropTech is helping landlords and tenants with hassle-free home renting, making property management a less complicated task.


With a focus on real estate investment, Reental is a real estate agency on a mission to transform the way people invest in properties. It’s facilitative for people making property investments in Spain.


Flipco, specializes in shared housing facilities and property management. It’s revolutionizing the concept of communal living by providing modern, comfortable, and budget-friendly housing options.


Propper offers a platform that helps homeowners to sell or rent their homes, in addition to enabling real estate agents to connect with high-quality clients effectively. It seamlessly connects property owners to potential buyers or tenants.

REMS Investment

As a real estate management company, REMS Investment provides comprehensive real estate investment services. If you’re looking to invest in real estate in Spain, this company makes it a fuss-free and efficient experience.


TheFringe/LABS is breaking barriers and making a significant mark in the PropTech business. It collaborates with companies and entrepreneurs to develop new data and proptech businesses.

VR Coach

VR Coach offers global advisory expertise for businesses operating in the vacation rentals sector. Their services are much-needed in a country that boasts of a flourishing vacation rental industry like Spain.

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OpenBroker is a B2B real estate marketplace, which empowers brokers by allowing them to share and explore property deals. It enhances transparency and collaboration among brokers in Spain.


Offering sales and rental services for both companies and users, Bluescore is a customer-centric firm making significant strides in property management. Their approach helps in substantially minimizing the complexities involved in property dealings.

Noble Ivory

Noble Ivory crafts branded private residences emphasizing wellness as a central theme in location, design, sustainability, and function. A perfect blend of luxury and well-being is what defines their properties.


Abricko is a platform that simplifies the process of buying investment properties. It equips property buyers with the reliable information and tools they need in their investment journey.

VREF Seville Real Estate Holdco Socimi

VREF Seville Real Estate Holdco Socimi has upheld its reputation as a reputable real estate investment company in Spain. They focus on acquiring and managing residential and commercial properties.

Living the moral

Living the Moral is a real estate agency facilitating sales and rental services for properties. Their focus on consumer satisfaction and quality service is winning them popularity in the Spanish property market.

Whether you’re an investor, broker, or looking for a shared living space, these Spanish startups and companies have set the bar high in real estate property management. As they continue to strive for more innovations, the future of real estate in Spain indeed holds exciting prospects.

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