Who are Spain’s Pioneering Electronics Startups Shaping the Future in 2023?

Welcome to a special feature article on StartupBubble.news where we bring light to the dynamic world of electronics startups in Spain. The country’s tech scene is vibrant and booming, inhabited by numerous innovative startups revolutionizing the electronics sector. From solid-state lithium battery developers to satellite IoT providers, Spain’s electronics sector is teeming with start-ups that are making a mark both domestically and globally. Here, we look into 15 intriguing Spanish electronics startups to keep an eye on.

The electronics industry in Spain has witnessed impressive growth over the last decade. Spanish startups have not only created products that aid in the day-to-day lives of consumers but have also addressed some of the most pressing environmental issues, such as air pollution and renewable energy. Moreover, these companies are also contributing significantly to scientific and technological advancements.

Below, we provide a brief overview of each startup, complete with a link to their website, thereby making it easier for you to learn more about their offerings. We invite you to discover these start-ups and witness the breadth of innovation that comes from Spain’s buzzing electronics sector.


Basquevolt is a Spanish startup specializing in the development of solid-state lithium batteries. Their products target the electric vehicles, heavy transport, renewable energy, and electronic devices markets. Based on their cutting-edge technology, Basquevolt is paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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FOSSA Systems

Next on our list is FOSSA Systems, a pioneering company in the field of satellite IoT. They are among the first to deploy a disruptive interoperable constellation targeted at industrial applications and focused on cost-effective global reach.


Levitty designs and manufactures racing simulators. Embracing ingenuity, creativity, and cutting-edge technology, they deliver immersive experiences that take racing enthusiasts a step closer to the racetrack.

Bia Power

Next, Bia Power optimizes charging sessions to support clean and reliable electric grids. Their unique approach contributes in creating a sustainable environment for the future.

Space Submicron Electronic

Specializing in integrated microelectronic circuits, Space Submicron Electronic provides design, development, and production services. Their commitment to delivering high-quality products demonstrates their standing in the electronics industry of Spain.


CREATE offers an online store for home appliances, air conditioners, and electronics featuring the latest design and technology. Through their platform, they’re democratizing access to state-of-the-art electronics.


Next up, Tewis specializes in industrial and commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, control, and energy efficiency. They represent the leading edge of Spanish technology in refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.


RESPIRA‘s innovative invasive ventilator device that automates manual resuscitation used in health emergencies is another standout in Spain’s electronics industry. Their commitment to healthcare technology exemplifies their mission of saving lives.

Urban Air Purifier

Urban Air Purifier aims to create healthy urban spaces by manufacturing equipment designed to remove suspended particles, gases, and viruses from the air. Their products contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.

Colnix Technology

Indoor tracking technology developed by Colnix Technology monitors human activity in real time. Their breakthrough technology points to new, innovative applications for security and automation industries.

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Casemod is an online platform that sells laptops, components, hardware, gaming, and other products. With their comprehensive catalogue, they serve the varied needs of tech consumers.


Reemi is engaged in developing electronic devices for consumption. Their products, built on innovative technology, are shaping the electronics landscape in Spain.


Sicut is a primary distributor and maintainers of scanners. They play an impactful role in the Spanish electronics industry, supplying other businesses with the latest scanning technology.


CompraloBueno offers tech product reviews, helping customers to make informed electronic purchases. They stand as an essential cog in Spain’s electronics ecosystem, bridging the gap between consumers and electronic product manufacturers.


Last, but certainly not least, Megatecnología is an online retailer of electronics and technology. Through their online store, they facilitate a smooth buying experience for consumers.

These startups represent a glimpse into Spain’s competitive and dynamic electronics landscape. Their innovative solutions contribute to the growth and prosperity of the country’s tech sector. Keep them on your radar as they continue to scale and innovate on a global stage. Stay tuned for more updates on interesting startups in Spain and beyond on StartupBubble.news.

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