Who Are Switzerland’s Most Influential E-Commerce Startups In 2023?

Emerging E-Commerce Startups in the Heart of Europe

The e-commerce landscape in Switzerland is bubbling with innovative startups taking bold strides in the digital marketplace. From rentable furniture services and product assistant platforms to digital marketing training, Switzerland is home to a vast range of e-commerce companies that are shaping the future of online commerce.

Leveraging technology and sustainable practices, these startups offer new and unique business models, meeting the evolving demands of consumers in the digital age. Let’s explore some of these innovative startups that are leaving their mark on the e-commerce industry in Switzerland.

Disclaimer: The businesses mentioned below are not in any particular order. We highly recommend checking out each website to learn more about their unique offerings.


Pabio is revolutionizing the way people furnish their homes by offering a rent-to-own furniture service. Along with this unique business model, they also offer personalized interior design services, making home decor more accessible and convenient for everyone.


ZenOwn is a product assistant platform that consolidates all your durable products in one place. Providing a unique service that helps consumers manage and keep track of their long-term possessions.


An online bicycle retailer, Velocorner provides a wide range of bicycles, e-bikes, and bicycle accessories. They service both casual cyclists and professional riders with high-quality products, accommodating various biking needs and preferences.

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Flummox is an online brand accelerator that focuses on acquiring, scaling, and exiting promising online consumer businesses with proven customer traction. This makes for an interesting business model within the e-commerce industry.


Lyfa is on a mission to make grocery shopping waste-free. A noble goal against a backdrop of increasing consumer awareness about sustainability and responsible consumption.


CLOTHESfriends is promoting sustainable fashion practices with their circular fashion app. Their platform unites consumers and fashion brands, endorsing products and consumption habits that contribute to a circular economy.


MyFeld.ch is an online field rental company that allows subscribers to order the growth of different vegetables, fruits, and herbs. This represents a novel approach to sourcing fresh produce.


Feey is not your regular online retail store. It recommends and delivers suitable houseplants, and also offers plant care courses. A unique venture into the realm of plant care and awareness.


SmartBreed is a Swiss agritech start-up that offers insect breeders a complete breeding solution right at the customer’s site. An interesting advancement in resource-efficient and sustainable farming practices.

Wolf Project

Wolf Project is a skincare brand that delivers innovative Korean skincare for men and sells directly to consumers all around the world. This highlights the company’s global outreach from the heart of Switzerland.


Beyonder offers training in digital marketing, enabling businesses of all sizes to skill up their employees and remain competitive in the age of digitization.


ProfiCircle is a B2B Market Network platform that equips spaces. The platform supports businesses in setting up their professional spaces by providing the necessary products and services.

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Mubiz allows businesses to get paid in cryptocurrencies, while still receiving fiat in their bank account. This bridges the gap between traditional and digital currencies in e-commerce transactions.


ARK TRADE AG boasts of being the world’s first comprehensive digital platform for sustainable B2B & B2G trading on e-commerce and commodities markets.


From pregnancy to the health of the children to parenting tips, KIANAO.COM & KIANAOFAMILY.COM provide the facts and guidance parents need. They have created a niche for themselves in e-commerce by addressing key parent concerns.

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