Who are the Influential Cyber Security Startups Driving US Innovation?

In the era of constant online presence, security threats have constantly been evolving and becoming more prolific. This has given rise to a significant number of startups dedicated to tackling these issues, in an industry known as Cyber Security. What’s particularly striking about the cyber security industry is the novelty and innovation these startups are bringing to the table. With a rich and diverse range of startups striving to maintain online security, let’s delve into 15 such Cyber Security startups based in the United States.

These startups are not only revolutionising the field with their innovative solutions but are also setting new benchmarks in their services. These companies range from providing enhanced data protection, unique security services to innovative cybersecurity solutions. Here is a detailed exploration of each of these firms.

Irrespective of their size, the below listed startups have demonstrated a commitment to tackle security threats using an array of novel techniques and devices. From self-protecting data devices to reducing cybersecurity risk, take a look at how these startups are revolutionizing the Cyber Security industry.

Keyavi Data

Keyavi Data takes a unique approach to cybersecurity by providing self-protecting, intelligent, and self-aware data technology. It’s reshaping the ways of securing data in the United States and beyond.

Orca Security

The cybersecurity firm Orca Security is known for instant-on, workload-level security for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, ensuring a high level of cloud security for businesses.

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With its AI-driven SaaS platform, PhishFirewall aids companies in addressing their phishing issues and enhancing their online security.


Bunkyr introduces hardware API to companies to protect user’s data. The offerings are built with adequacy to reduce the vulnerability of user’s data to potential threats.

RADICL Defense

RADICL Defense is on a mission to protect SMEs from nation-state level cyber threats, ensuring security isn’t just for the big corporations.

Trava Security

Trava Security is a cybersecurity startup focusing on securing small and medium sized businesses, demonstrating that size shouldn’t compromise safety.

Castle One

Castle One operates a cybersecurity platform that empowers small businesses to take control of their online security.


Skypher streamlines the sales process by automating security questionnaires response, thus ensuring consistent efficiency.


HiddenLogin enables safe online interactions by creating a unique alias for every site visited by users, maintaining privacy at every step.

Teach Cyber

Teach Cyber is a non-profit committed to nurturing excellent cybersecurity education at the secondary level, investing in the security professionals of the future.

Cannon Cyber

Cannon Cyber is transforming reactive security postures to responsive, to identify and tackle threats more effectively.

AlphaOne Operations

AlphaOne Operations provides IT security services to help traditional MSPs “cover the gap” in their framework, equipping them with the skills to detect threats.

Trust Lab

Trust Lab develops software for social media platforms that aids in detecting misinformation, hate speech, and harmful content, ensuring a conducive online environment.


DetectBee offers a communication and collaboration SaaS that curbs supply chain cybersecurity risk, proving integral to an array of businesses.

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ClariMed is a human-centered medical device development and regulatory services company that not only accelerates time to market but also scores highly on safety and security.

From large enterprises to SMEs, these game-changing cybersecurity firms are working hard to make the internet a safer place. Each startup has a unique approach to combating threats and protecting users, proving that in a world of increasing digitalisation, there’s never been a more important time to invest in cybersecurity.

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