Who Are the Leading US Data Mining Startups Shaping 2023?


Data mining, or the practice of discovering patterns and insights in large data sets, is an industry on the rise. Thanks to advancements in technology, data mining companies are now able to unlock innovative and strategic solutions for a variety of sectors. These pioneering startups are transforming the way industry leaders interact with data. Here are 15 data mining startups and companies propelling the industry forward in the United States.

Abax Health

Abax Health operates in the healthcare sector as a clinical analytics and patient communications platform. This innovative startup is tackling the healthcare industry’s revenue leakage problems, making it an invaluable asset to the industry.

Latent Knowledge

Latent Knowledge connects researchers with relevant literature for R&D initiatives through its online research platform, helping streamline and expedite the research process.


Dedicated to improving the lives of pets worldwide, Kinship utilizes data mining technologies to drive transformational technologies.

Flash Scientific Technology

Climate change is a global issue that demands innovative solutions. At Flash Scientific Technology, AI and weather intelligence come together to predict future climate scenarios and provide relevant insights.

Blue Agilis

Blue Agilis employs data mining strategies in the healthcare sector to improve value by harnessing provider practice insights.


Known as The Negotiation Automation Company, Signedeal integrates Data Mining to optimize and automate negotiation processes, paving the way for improved efficiency and outcomes.


OmniData specializes in cloud modernization, data estate modernization, analytics, and AI services, driving digital transformation through data insights.

Ocean Data Network

The Ocean Data Network combines water management and data mining, offering data collection as a service to improve the ocean model and operational forecasts.

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Data Culpa

Data Culpa is an advanced solution that aids in the analysis, monitoring, and visualization of data pipelines for data scientists.

Cloud Rush USA

Specialising in blockchain technology, Cloud Rush USA is a digital tech company leveraging the power of data mining.

Starseed AI

Starseed AI focuses on AI-powered global data insights and trend analysis for both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 landscapes, positioning itself as a leader in data and tech trends.


TradeLlama applies creative thinking and machine learning to large trade data volumes to assist asset managers in spotting trends and insights.


Datafruit, a Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) company, offers top-notch data mining, data science, and analytics services to clients across all industries.


EinsteinDB develops groundbreaking database solutions, offering Hybrid HTAP with embedded OLAP and persistent OLTP for High Throughput, Causal Consistent, and Relativistic Linearizable Atomic Databases.

Market Research Intelligence

Market Research Intelligence is a premier research consultancy, offering a wide range of data mining services and market research reports to its clients.


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