Who are the Most Influential US Test & Measurement Startups in 2023?


The United States has been a pioneering force and a fertile terrain for startups and companies specializing in the Test and Measurement industry. From stress-testing cloud solutions to offering molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases, these trailblazing initiatives are harnessing the latest technological developments to reshape the status quo. The following companies provide an insight into the groundbreaking work these startups are doing and the sectors they are influencing.

Whether it’s in the realm of mobile or IoT testing, gene editing, medical diagnostics, or advanced material testing, these companies are deploying cutting-edge techniques and digital solutions to better understand and improve our world. The importance of their work is manifold – they help businesses assure quality standards, enable more efficient systems, assist in preventing and treating diseases, and much more.

Here’s a sneak peek into fifteen prominent U.S. based startups that are making waves in the Test & Measurement realm, pushing for excellence, and trailblazing innovations.


Speedscale is carving its niche in the cloud services landscape. Known for helping users to stress test cloud services with real-world scenarios, the company is helping businesses ensure that their products are rigorously tested and ready for the real world.

Torus Biosystems

Torus Biosystems is a biotech startup set on a mission to deliver molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases. Making strides in the medical world, their innovative work seems pivotal in the era of microbiology and epidemics.

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Vittoria Biotherapeutics

With gene editing becoming a promising field in biomedicine, Vittoria Biotherapeutics is at the helm. This startup focuses on gene-edited cell therapeutics, pushing the boundaries of this transformative technology.

PureVita Labs

The legalized cannabis industry has opened up new avenues for testing and analysis. PureVita Labs offers analytical testing for legal cannabis products sold in retail facilities, setting a safer pathway for its consumers.


Blurring the line between biology and electronics, CytoTronics is pioneering cell culture plates with embedded high-density electronic systems. A significant development that may lead to numerous discoveries in the medical and biological fields.


Corrolytics is a technology company aimed at solving microbiological corrosion problems. Focusing specifically on assets in the oil and gas industry, they represent an intersection of biology, engineering, and materials science.


As digital landscapes become denser, GrowthBook‘s open source feature flagging and experimentation platform becomes ever more relevant. It allows businesses to experiment safely in the digital world.

Tests Assured

Tests Assured offers a wide range of testing services including mobile, IoT, security testing, automation framework and end-to-end testing services. Their comprehensive services ensure thorough testing for every product and system.

LeapFrog Semiconductor

When it comes to revolutionizing wireless signal processing, say hello to LeapFrog Semiconductor. As a silicon and software startup, the company is taking big strides in infusing efficiency into wireless technology.

Molecular Designs

Molecular Designs is a molecular diagnostics research center, shedding light on the structure and function of molecules that make up the life forms, aiding in better diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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Pathformance Technologies Inc.

With its proprietary technologies and solutions, Pathformance Technologies Inc is an expert in CPG, Ad-tech, Mar-tech, Retail, and Shopper Marketing. The company is marking its footprint in various industries with its tailored solutions.

Mesh Dynamics

Mesh Dynamics offers SaaS solutions for testing distributed services applications. Through this, the company ensures that applications perform optimally even when deployed on a massive scale.


Compocket is all about making testing smart and compact. The company specializes in compact, smart and practical solutions for test & measurements, catering to the needs of different sectors.

LifeHope Labs

For labs and healthcare facilities, LifeHope Labs offers a variety of diagnoses. They provide toxicology, molecular infectious disease identification, pharmacogenetics, and general blood analysis.


True to its time, Aptavid is providing COVID test kits. In a world grappling with the pandemic, the company’s contribution is helping to combat the virus one test at a time.


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