Who are the Pioneering Facility Management Startups Transforming US Industry?

The facility management industry is seeing a rapid innovation with the rise of numerous startups that are providing diverse solutions to address the different needs of customers. From managing car dealerships to providing environmental services, these emerging enterprises are shaping the future of the industry with their unique products and services. In this article, we will showcase 15 exciting facility management companies that operate in the United States.

Each of these companies has achieved significant progress in their respective areas, offering unique solutions to their customers. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, these recent entrants to the industry are contributing to the growth and development of facility management. Here is a list of these startups, along with their profiles.

Please note that these companies are not listed in any particular order, as they all bring unique offerings and specialize in different areas of facility management.

Car Capital Technologies

Car Capital Technologies offers capital and cutting-edge technology to car dealers to facilitate regulatory compliance and servicing operations. Their innovative facility management solutions are paving the way for a more efficient automotive industry.

HES Facilities

With the primary focus on the education sector, HES Facilities provides top-notch facilities services to its educational partners, thereby ensuring that learning institutions get the best possible resources for their operations.

National Facilities Direct

Being a popular provider of integrated facility management solutions, National Facilities Direct is making its mark by partnering with organizations nationwide, and offering customized services based on unique organization requirements.

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Mega Storage

Mega Storage offers a state-of-the-art facility for storing boats, RVs, and Contractor’s equipment. It exemplifies how facility management startups can fill niche needs in the market with their innovative solutions.

The Facilities Group

The Facilities Group partners with the best facility maintenance providers at all levels, ensuring quality maintenance and upkeeping of brands’ legacy.

Titan Maintenance Group

As the name suggests, Titan Maintenance Group delivers robust facility maintenance solutions designed for multi-unit companies, thereby assuring reliable and efficient management of multiple facilities.


Chekhub’s operations management software platform offers services like asset management and others, offering a comprehensive solution for various organizational needs.

Bond Sports

Bond Sports offers a modern platform that enables the management of activities, rentals, and members of athletic spaces, filling a unique niche in the sports facility management sector.


NeuroNav specializes in providing healthcare services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their approach towards facility management in healthcare is commendable and socially impactful.

Yona Solutions

With a focus on two important areas of facility management, Yona Solutions offers environmental and dining services to its clients, making them one of the unique players in the sector.


Yada is revolutionizing facility management for short-term rental properties. They provide valuable assistance for Airbnb hosts by automating 90% of messaging and conversations, helping with efficient management at scale.


Combining engineering, procurement, construction, logistics, and facility management, Exacore is at the forefront of integrated service offerings in the construction industry.


With its Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), FacilityForce is providing valuable facility management solutions for government and commercial organizations, paving the path for improved workplace efficiency.

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Autonix has carved its niche by offering specialized services in visitor management, analytics, dynamic trackable, QR code, and contactless check-in solutions.


Equipped locker solutions offer users easy access to what they need at their work, play, and stay locations. Their innovative take on storage solutions sets them apart from traditional providers.

Facility management startups are indeed revolutionizing the industry with their distinctive offerings. With their continued dedication and technological advancements, these companies are all set to shape the future of facility management in the United States.

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