Who Are the Pioneering Software Startups Shaping Cairo’s Tech Scene?

The bustling city of Al Qahirah, or Cairo as known internationally, is home to some of the most vibrant and intriguing startups in Egypt. These startups are not only shaping the country’s software industry, but also pioneering technological advances that are drawing international attention. From mobile apps connecting suppliers to retailers, to artificial intelligence driven credit scoring systems, this list of startups exemplifies the dynamic and diverse tech scene in Al Qahirah. Be ready to be enthralled as we delve into 15 of the top software companies making waves in this historic city.


Fatura is a promising startup making ease of procurement its mission. Through its mobile app, it connects suppliers to retailers, enabling them to order their inventory instantly. This makes streamline operations and enhances convenience for both suppliers and retailers.


Cassbana, on the other hand, is a shining star in the field of AI and FinTech. With its behavior-based credit scoring system, individuals and businesses can assess their creditworthiness and access loans with more accuracy and convenience than before.


Turning our eyes to the realm of subscription management, SubsBase stands out. This startup offers a subscription and recurring revenue management platform that helps businesses manage their subscriptions and recurring revenue streams with ease and efficiency.


In the e-commerce arena, El-Dokan has made a remarkable mark. Its enterprise ecommerce software is designed specifically for burgeoning retail stores in the MENA region, providing them with tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

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Shahry, yet another digital lending startup, is redefining the lending industry. Its innovative approach and user-friendly app have made it a popular choice among lenders and borrowers alike.

Valify Solutions

Next up, we have Valify Solutions. This startup offers a unique digital identity infrastructure technology that’s changing the face of identity verification for financial institutions and e-commerce platforms.


Fulfilling the investment needs of the future, Thndr provides an app-based investment platform that simplifies investing and makes it accessible for everyone.


Akhdar is revolutionising reading with its unique platform that generates simplified content from books, making reading more enjoyable and learning more accessible.


Pravica is reshaping the way we communicate with one of the world’s first truly private and secure communication platforms. It’s designed to ensure privacy and security of communications in this age of heightened cyber-security threats.


Transforming the inspection processes, beXel helps inspection companies go paperless by digitizing their entire inspection process.


Hollydesk provides a seamless platform that manages SME company’s daily expenses and accounts payable from end to end, making financial management simpler and more accurate.


Teradix is making a mark in e-procurement solutions. With its software, businesses can effectively manage their entire spend thereby, driving bigger savings and enabling better business decisions.


Fitness becomes convenient with Welnes. This app connects clients with nutritionists and trainers providing them with personalized workout and diet plans.


Sotech, a healthtech and IoT solution startup, is breaking boundaries in the healthcare sector with its futuristic and life-saving solutions.

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Last, but certainly not least is Tegarti. This startup offers a cloud-based POS and omnichannel retail management platform that ensures smooth and efficient retail operations.

These startups from Al Qahirah are indeed shaking up the software industry and stand testimony to the thriving innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of the city. As the world eagerly watches, these startups continue their march towards creating transformative, cutting-edge solutions. Here’s to applauding these trailblazers and hoping they keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible!

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